Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Christopher, Nov 23, 2008.

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  1. Righto, I applied online for the T.A. and the other day there I got a message on my voicemail to call a guy from a REME Unit local to where I live, though I haven't called back yet as I was on holiday the past week, I'm going to call up tomorrow morning.

    The thing is though, I really want to join the AGC RMP, which I think is located in Livingston, transport for me (as I don't drive) would be a bit tricky at the best of times. I can see the REME being more beneficial outside the T.A. such as driving licenses, trades and so forth, but the appeal to the RMP just seems to have more of a grip on me...

    Anyone able to shed some light for me? A tad bit guidance?

    Though I should note, I have spent convictions - do these particularly affect either of the two Units?

  2. The REME unit was probaly the closeft TAC to you, that is why the AFCO put them in contact with you.

    Just contact the RMP unit yourself. Even though you applied online, you will need to fill out all the forms anyway.

    As for spent convictions. I would think it would depoend on what they were for.
  3. Aye the REME Unit turns out to be in Grangemouth, I'm a Bo'ness man myself. - Done a wee bit research online about the Unit.

    I think the RMP HQ is in Edinburgh so, should I ring up that number first and have a chat with them?

    Is there much difference between the initial training between either of the T.A. Units?

    The most recent conviction was in 2006/7 and was a Breach of the Peace, though the most "serious" would have been an Assault back in... early 2005. Having read on various websites, it says though if I just tell them at the start it's more appreciated than leaving it until last minute? Might I add though that most of the record I obtain being a stupid kid, though aged enough to be taken to court, the most recent though, well I was excising my right to protest. Besides that though, my character its self is completely different to what my record sort of indicates, it's nothing bad though it's just there in the damn background. Personally I believe though that people should be judged on present character as opposed to past, do you think that would be taken into consideration?
  4. Yeah, if the RMP is your prefered choice, just give them a call. You will probaly be invited down for a chat etc.

    The basic training will be the same, thats assuming they are both done with 51 Brigade.

    Be honest with them from the start. If your convictions are a problem they will tell you from the start.
  5. Is the rule/policy for convictions the same all over?

    Basically, if I get a knock back from the RMP, would it mean a knock back from the REME, or would it I be able to then call up the REME as 2nd choice?
  6. Some units have a different criteria than others

  7. Excellent thank you.

    I'll give them a call up tomorrow morning and I'll report back :)

    Thanks for taking the time to help me, tis appreciated.

    Chris 8)
  8. Having previous should only help in your application to the RMP...
  9. Huh? How'd you mean?
  10. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    It's the perverse nature of squaddie humour. However CC may be right on this one. :roll: