Deserting to fight

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by Inzile, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. During WW2 nearly 5000 soldiers deserted the Irish Army in order to join the allies. They were dishonourably discharged and Upon returning to Ireland, denied pensions and access to certain jobs. The Minister of Defence is seeking advice on how to put this right, saying that in the context of the Holocaust, Irish neutrality was equivalent to moral bankruptcy.
    Pardon on way for Irish who fought, says Shatter - The Irish Times - Wed, Jan 25, 2012

    About bloody time.
  2. Agreed.

    My granddad crossed the Irish sea to land in Liverpool in 1938. He wasn't Irish Defence Forces, but some of the lads he came over with were. Many of them had fought in the 1st World War, and didn't trust the Germans as far as they could throw them, and since the Irish Government of the time wanted to keep it's neutrality, they believed that joining the British Army was the only way to truly defend Ireland itself.

    My grandma took a lot of stick when local folks knew what he had done, and it got so bad that my granddad brought the whole family over to England.

    Because of the hatred of certain sections of Irish society, even in the face of the overwhelming evidence of the atrocities committed by the Germans, he never got the chance to return to his homeland. He remained in self imposed exile in England until his death in 1968, rather than have his family face abuse from ignorant people who owed him, and those like him, their freedom.

    This has been too long coming, and it's too late for most of the men who selflessly decided to defend their own country the only way that was available to them.
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  3. Wasnt this discussed a few weeks ago on here?
  4. And naturally we can expect more desertions from Irelands army to go around the world and sort out the various massacres occuring today?
    A bit of history, the holocaust didnt happen until halfway through the war and I doubt many if any micks joined up because of what was happening to the Jews.
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  6. A bit of history, the pogroms and death squads existed before half way through the war. They are part of the holocaust. And Shatter didn't say they joined because of the holocaust. He stated the Irish position was one of moral bankruptcy because of the fact that the holocaust happened, not that Southern Irish joined because of the holocaust.
  7. It's been done elsewhere on arrse!

    As a footnote though, perhaps the British will now, in a tit for tat move, reprieve the Irish septic William Joyce, shame we can't unhang the ****!
  8. Depends on your version of the holocaust. I view it as genocide to completely eliminate a race not casual murder that can be applied to anyone.
    Will Shatter now be clammering to stick his oar in the various genocides that happen around the world? Or with the boggies continue to morally bankrupt.
  9. Because they were deserters.
    The fact the joined the British army is very relevant especially as the PM of Northern Ireland at the time was suggesting invading the south.
    Do you think all the outraged on this and the other thread about it, would be so forgiving if a British soldier deserted today to fight in Syria? Then expect the goverment to welcome them back with a state job?
  10. Who didn't have a plan to invade the south?

    PS Those of you considering responses to stacker, do yourselves and everyone else a favour by hunting out the other thread.
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  11. Deserters being punished eh? How outrageous.
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    I'm quite sure that even you can recognise that blokes leaving a peace time army to go and fight the Nazis were of quite a different breed to those normally classed as deserters.
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  13. Not really. That twat Joe Glenton could argue he had the moral courage to not get caught up in a war that is costing British lives and money. I dont remember to much sympathy for him. What the Irish soldiers did, was great for us, there is no reason why the Irish Goverment should have taking the same view.
    The British may have posed a threat to the South of Ireland and people deserted to fight for them, its hardly surprising the boggies werent very happy about it.
    Do you think all those pretending to be outraged, would be so forgiving if people deserted the British army to fight the various nasty regimes around the world? I very much doubt it.