Desert Woolly Pully

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by napier, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Did UK Plc ever issue a sand coloured military jumper? If not is anyone aware of something similar?
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Brig Hammerbeck wore one during GW1
  3. not entirely sure napier, i saw quite afew ruperts wearing them recently on herrick, cant say if they're issued or not, but they had the rank slides, shoulder and elbow patches on, so they maybe available through the system. sorry i cant be of more use
  4. Dont know, but the Aussie fleece is brown/dessert colour with shiny patches on the elbows
  5. Out of our troop of 24 (less LAD det) we were issued 10 on Granby, so they were about.
  6. When 7 Armd Bde deployed on Op TELIC 7 (think it was 7, but stand corrected if someone wants to correct me) the Bde HQ sorted jumpers based on the orginal jumpers used in North Africa during WW2.
    They were issued to Bde HQ staff (well all officers and WOs, not sure about NCO and Ptes), the Bde Sig Sqn got them as well.
    Others in the Bde may have got them but not sure.
  7. 7th Army wore one in WW2, and 7th Bde wore one in either Telic or Herrick recently it was in Soldier magazine.

    The Staff Officers all bought one each, so it wasnt issued and I don't know if they are still uniform or not.
  8. QRH Officers wore them in Iraq on Telic 3.
  9. So did I, I got one sent out from the UK. It wasn't issue it was just a sand coloured jumper but it was warm at night.
  10. I remember them well! All the officers and WOs were cutting about in them at Bde HQ where they protected the appropriately ranked denizens of that building from the overly harsh air-conditioning. They really made a big thing out of the practical properties of the sweater in that press release (dreamed up by a TA RLC cum Media Ops wallah who hailed from Guernsey herself) that I'm surprised no-one in the press asked why it hadn't been issued to the ranks too.

    There was a 2 Para major, a damned fine chap plucked from command position mid-tour to fill in some soul-less SO2 slot, who resolutely refused to wear it. Ostensibly because it bore the 'Desert Rat' of 7X (of which none of the Paras acknowledged belonging to), but one suspected that he also held the whole thing to be unbearably 'REMFy' and 'typical hat sht'. I also remember a couple ending up on ebay before the tour was over.

    Still, the commander liked it and rumour has it that he's a 2 star now!
  11. I'm sure it was T7 and the 1 Div staff wore them also. They weren't issued though, they had to buy them.
  12. Farkynell - you lot are but babies.

    Before the green JHW came into service (circa 1971), 'Er Gracious Majesty used to issue a very similar garment in a sort of tobacco/khaki shade, which saw service in sandy places like Aden and Radfan, in the days before the Beatles. Ol' soldiers in my Bn were still wearing them in the mid 70's (all part of looking 'ally')

    If you could find one now in good nick, it would probably cost you a day's pay, just for rarity value.