Desert wellies

Mine have finally kicked off and want to get some new ones - funny old thing shops over in USA don't have 'em.

Anyhoo - some of them that Airborne chaps wouldn't leave the lines without in the 80's.

I tried DuBora, but got nowhere.

Any leads gratefully received.


I think the new dezzie is the hi-tec trail, or something similar. I haven't seen them in years. \oh the things we did to them and in them. My enduring memory is knocking off a young lady at the Reeperbahn in Hamburg but insisting I kept them on.

The last I saw of my trusty boots was when they were tied behind the staff car after I got married. Bonking was never the same.
Stead and Simpson - £20

Mine lasted longer than the issue ones I gave to Ghostywhyte. But then someone nicked the laces!!!!
I'm assuming that you mean the old ghillie boot style dezzies. They are still available for under £20.00 from HM Supplies in Aldershot and Camberley.
This is what I'm after:


Stead & Simpson? 3rd largest shoe retailer in UK? Annual salees of £140M?

And no shaggin' website?


Anyway - If anyone finds a pair of these - size 9, I'll gladly reimburse cost + post + three or so pints.

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