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Desert Watch Strap

A sand cloured watch strap, what a top idea.

An enemy round in the wrist caused by a grey issued strap is a right pain.
tank_6275 said:
ever heard sarcasm is the lowest for of wit? the guy was askin a simple question

I bet the guy has a DPM pen too.

Do you reckon that his tongue is cammed up before he issues QBOs?
tank_6275 said:
ever heard sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? the guy was askin a simple question

Yes!, but it makes me laugh!. Knew a bloke who once had DPM slippers.


You can get a leather backed NATO strap from Bamford & Sons in Sloane Sq. But it's £70. You can also get red, green, blue, lt. blue, yellow, orange...
Alternatively you could just wear the G10 issue one and stop being such a faggot arsed mincer!

Go get dressed in your DPM pajamas and cry your littl heart out onto your DPM pillow!

There is absolutely no need for a desert starp

I think perhaps this may be what you're looking for.


War Hero
Silvermans - Not DES DPM just brown or sand you get a choice!
No that I bought one just saw them in there the other day:)
Personally I would worry about more important kit - the grey strap is fine out there - where ever there may be!

If one of the Silvermans ones doesn't suit you:

You can always hav one in ARRSE colours from rVops

(I limit my walting to having the "James Bond" strap on mine! ;) )

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