Builds Desert war group build, M3 Grant mk1, 1/35th scale full interior detail.


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placed the foil panels on with superglue, then using the model tank itself, crushed the car.
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the car will be compressed low into the sand base of the diorama, this will allow the tank track to look almost in contact with the surface.
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I'll rebuild the rest of the car, in situ on the sand replacing bent wheels/suspension, stowage, windscreen ext
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I must say I'm vastly impressed by your creativity. What a cracking idea!
with the basic diorama slowly taking shape, it's time to test position the model in the sand.
diorama base g.jpg

it needs reseating to bring the nose of the crushed truck back, away from the edge of the board so I can get the glass case fitted over it.
diorama base f.jpg

lots more still to go on here, some British figures, maybe sappers for the minefield either side.
diorama base e.jpg