Builds Desert war group build, M3 Grant mk1, 1/35th scale full interior detail.

the turret resting on it's basket, if you tried this in real life, the turret would crush it like a coke can.
turret resting on basket.jpg
the whole assembled unit in grey primer with tissue stuffed in all the openings.
assembled tank in gey primer.jpg

quick peek down the commanders hatch, I'll get a better shot of this with my mobile phone in daylight tomorrow.
first view down hatch b.jpg

first view down hatch.jpg
using lifecolour olive drab tones for the first base coat.
lifecolour od.jpg

using my mobile phone camera lens for a close view of the armour texture, Miniart have captured the surface of rolled and cast armour rather well I think.
cu armour texture a.jpg

again using the mobilephone lens, to get the turret armour texture.
cu armour texture b.jpg

now for the rolled armour texture close up using my sony cyber shot digital camera, to view the same thing for comparison.
cu armour texture camera.jpg
a close up comparison of the texture taken with the pocket camera.
cu armour texture camera a.jpg

on balance the detail is on a par, and the ease of taking and downloading is far simpler with the camera over the phone, so I'm continuing to use the Sony camera for both general model views, building detail shots and texture close ups.
Thanks Si.

the next paint stage is a couple of stripes of portland stone over the olive drab
coat of portland stone a.jpg

this is the two base colours, some salt up and then some darker tones.
coat of portland stone b.jpg

the tracks will be last
coat of portland stone.jpg
dark patches of olive green added as per the painting guide for the RTR example.
dark patches added.jpg

dark patches of OD added.jpg

the one I'm trying to replicate, need to add the decals before the weathering.
colour scheme 3 RTR.jpg
before any weathering, It needs the decals so they can take the wear and tear at the same time as the rest of the model. Starting with the Turret roof roundall, Pre Alllied Star. And the 3 RTR turret Sqn number.

the 7th Armoured Div Rat on the track guard.
rat applied to model cu.jpg
the sheet from the kit suggests these are 3RTR Markings for Gazala May 43,4th AB 7th Div. But an alternative tank scheme has a vehicle from Royal Gloucestershire Hussars 7th Div, the year before having an additional 40 sign on the other side.
7 div rat sign.jpg
but digging through the internet I found a war time image of the exact same Tank.
T 24204 original pic a.jpg

the tank in front is probably from the same troop, no formation signs on the back of it.
side view.jpg

same serial number.
seen again here, same troop, slightly different serial number, sadly only a side view, but that rat formation decal has got to go, shame it's a good thin decal with no carrier film, Murphys law.
T 24204 original pic b.jpg

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