Builds Desert war group build, M3 Grant mk1, 1/35th scale full interior detail.

It's just "Idler wheel"

That said, the name changed by the M47 for "Adjusting Idler" wheel to disinguish it from the "compensating idler" wheel.


Both functions are combined in a single wheel in the M1, also now named Compensating Idler.

Robin, close. I filmed the M3 in Cairns at the Australian Museum of Armor and Artillery


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Oh FFS man get a grip, the only British officer in the movie is an M.O.

Bogarts role is the ranking combat arms NCO, so takes charge just as in real life it would be, or does your army let the M.O. make the tactical decisions?

The real detachment was there to aid the 8th in the use of the new tanks NETT basically , and to gain experience of desert fighting. It was commanded by Major Henry Cabot Lodge and was 15 strong mostly Non-Coms and fought alongside 4th Armoured Bde 7th Armoured division at Gazala

IWM images of the US team

The Mo would order advance 2 bed pans up and lots of smoke !
Interesting seeing the CDL, I remember on one major ex in BAOR crossing some large river at night which was lit by an RE (TA I believe) searchlight unit, produced sufficient illumination to aid the approach to the crossing site and the actual crossing of the river on M2 rigs.

Not sure whether I would have preferred to cross in total darkness, seeing the water rushing past and the movement of the rigs was a bit off putting making us feel just a little bit vulnerable (particularly the gunner at my feet) in our Chieftains, especially as all the rig crews had life jackets and we didn’t relying on 60tons of steel for buoyancy Is not a guarantee of surviva.
especially as all the rig crews had life jackets and we didn’t relying on 60tons of steel for buoyancy Is not a guarantee of surviva.
Life jackets in vehicles do more harm than good, try getting out when it has automatically inflated and the vehicle has flipped over, would certainly put a downer on your day.
PE equipment stowage racks fitted just above the track guard side skirts.
side rack on track guards.jpg

some units didn't use them, some did and looked a bit of a mess, needs must.
colour scheme 3 RTR CU.jpg

In grey primer I'm finished constructing the hull, now for the 37mm armed turret.
hull ready for camouflage paint.jpg
using the tiny lens on the mobile phone, I can get a eye level view inside the side hatch, lots of light in there, before the turret goes on.
view into hull through side hatch right mobpg.jpg

view into hull floor through side hatch right .jpg

then a view into the left side hatch
view into hull through side hatch left mob .jpg
the turret top half inverted to fit the 3 inch smoke bomb thrower.
3 inch bomb thrower.jpg

the gun and it's mantlet made up ready to fit to the turret,
turret inverted.jpg

trial fit of the parts together, the armoured cover in the roof, for the bomb thrower has come loose.
turret and gun.jpg
inside of the turret sprayed white, I need to pick out the no19 set in green and the gun breech in matt black ect. Now to assemble the turret basket.
inside sprayed white.jpg
why did they delete the side escape hatches? how's the driver and hull gunner going to get out quickly enough not to get burnt when the inside turns into a blast Furnace within ten seconds of being penetrated. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.
I’m pretty sure the doors were seen as a weak spot.