Builds Desert war group build, M3 Grant mk1, 1/35th scale full interior detail.

And here’s me thinking I was the only person to call him that, not heard it for ages.
He was Humpty Pushcart in our house.
Cool film, very cool actor.
rear hull plate fit, a little off, but some mr Surfacer will make good on those gaps. The lower opening is the double hatch access to service and first parade the engine.
rear plate fit.jpg
making the first neat and tidy shell locker, with it's centre pull sliding door.
shell locker a.jpg

painted white with the drinking water tank, dog engine and first aid box
shell locker c.jpg
here is the Ammo locker in the Bovington Grant, I wondered what ammo it stored, looks like the 37mm for the turret gun, according to the kit.
Bovington Grant c.jpg
the first walls going in, the wall panel on the left is loosely fitted. The ammo bin just inside the hatch combing. The forward wall needs it's vision port before it goes in.
side hatch b.jpg
the gun mounting glued in, there are positive mount points all around this curved piece, it's fitting completes the ring of armour around the fighting compartment.
gun mounting fitted front.jpg
from inside, the gun fitted into the mount.
general view gun fitted fighting comp B.jpg

a general view over the fighting compartment shows it's interwar design, reminds me of something much earlier,
general view gun fitted fighting comp.jpg
I must say I really enjoy the subjects you pick. It’s looking great so far
makes me bloody angry, Bogart telling Eight army lads the ropes of desert war against the Gerry when they were about to get their arse kicked at Kasserine, it's a propaganda movie of the worst kind. trying to get the US public fired up, so being free and easy with the truth.
There WAS a US 2nd Armored division detachment at Alamein with M3's


I thought they had American Lee, not Grants, and they were their to learn not teach, the movie with Humph shows the British as clueless idiots and the Americans as the masters of Desert Warfare. At a time before any American major engagement in the Desert.
turn it around and make a movie about the few brits who landed on Omaha Beach showing them leading the way, see how the American viewing public would react.
Oh FFS man get a grip, the only British officer in the movie is an M.O.

Bogarts role is the ranking combat arms NCO, so takes charge just as in real life it would be, or does your army let the M.O. make the tactical decisions?

The real detachment was there to aid the 8th in the use of the new tanks NETT basically , and to gain experience of desert fighting. It was commanded by Major Henry Cabot Lodge and was 15 strong mostly Non-Coms and fought alongside 4th Armoured Bde 7th Armoured division at Gazala

IWM images of the US team

hundreds of parts fitted and I still haven't tackled the suspension and tracks, they are individual links, about 79 of those, not sure how many components make up the suspension yet, lets see...I want to do the tracks before too many fragile parts go on the exterior.
hundreds of parts fitted.jpg
I've just had a look at the piccies at the beginning of the thread and that is a lot of parts for what you'd think wasnt a massively complex piece of armour. That's going to occupy for for at least another two hours I'd say before you've finished and done another four

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