Does anyone know if they exsist? If so anyone know a good source?
I'm trying to get hold of 2 for a mate over in the US.

Cheers in advance

GrumpyGit said:
Do you mean a shemagh as issued?
No not the shemaghs mate, i'm after the old skool looking ally airborne warrior look net scarfs but in beige.

I'm trying to get hold of two they are for a mate a US ranger sniper, don't think he'd be able to see through the shemaghs. :D

Stilts suggested Dragon in Colchester. I'll try them

Dog-faced-soldier said:
I dont think what you describe is officially issued but yes, they are available from various surplus type stores.
No they won't be an issued item, i'm after any make even dare i say web-tex! 8O
Any cheap and cheerful just needs to be a shade of desert.
Kit_Monster said:
Si, give me call. I can get you 8x5 ft individual net or a cut down scarf version.

Why didn't i just go straight to you mate? C;early a brain fart :D
I'll give you a bell shortly

Cheers Dom

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