Desert Storm - Photo needs identification

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by pandaplodder, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. Well it says B Coy, 2 Para & A Coy, 2 RGJ

    This is being used on a walts facebook profile with a "I was there" if anyone was with 2 Para at this time let me know.

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  2. At least the Saltire isn't upside down
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Certainly screams of a photo nicked from the internet somewhere and the text added - poorly.

    "Btn" instead of "Bn", "Desertstorm" ( :roll: ) instead of Op GRANBY, etc. Poor.
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  4. Other than members of the band there were only 3 members of the Parachute Regiment (not including officers) who served on Op Granby.
  5. Indeed. And Ali Al Saleem air base wasnt liberated in January 1991.
  6. I had no idea infantry companies were so small during OP GRANBY...
  7. Also, which inf units were still using the SLR in Jan '91. More than likely some loggie unit.
  8. Yeah I just realised that, it didn't kick off proper until well into February

    What a muppet yes this is the same bloke I have been going on about in the Walt thread in the NAAFI bar
  9. The only members of 2RGJ to serve on Op Granby were Anti-Tank pl from sp coy. The text that says A Coy is bull as A Coy were in NI at the time (Omagh) on a residential. Also, the only group i know who use BTN instead of Bn are the waltish loyalist knuckle dragging muppets of NI.
  10. Thanks Dodger mate
  11. I didnt think anybody had SLRs in Op. Granby?

    Were there any Bn/Coys of the RGJ there? IIRC I remember a mate of mine who was RGJ saying that it was another war they were missing again, just like Op Corporate
  12. Believe me ... some of us carried the old elephant gun & smudge guns as well
  13. Having just seen his photos in the other thread then yes - he could well pass for a fat beer swilling UVF/UDA knacker minus the earings.
  14. Most of 1 RGJs not 2 RGJs, Anti-tank plt went, attached to the Staffords as well as some guys from the Mortar Plt, and we had SA80s not SLRs.
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