desert shorts

do these not get issued nomore???

off to the dusty place in a few weeks and never got issued any with my herrick kit

the ones i got issued for telic are long gone
like fcuk they are!!! they were a godsend in the 55 degree heat

and seens im going to be in fobs without aircon i'd rather not sweat my cnut off in trousers
They do get issued, I was last wearing them for herrick 8 and recently issued some to lads on Herrick 10.

It looked a lot gayer to collapse due to the heat and then have to be casevac out of theatre due to the effects of heat.
blobmeister said:
Very brave of you to come out of the closet.
blobmeister said:
I was in a FOB in 55 degree heat on H4, still wouldn't wear them gay shorts. Neither did the battle group. Mega gaylord kit!!
Why? Were your legs getting cold making brews in the air conditioned Ops Rm?
Not the current incarnation of des shorts, but can I just offer the following phot - British infanteers at El Alamein in 1942, wearing shorts:

Verdict - not gay
As long as they do not look like French Army or Gendarmes tropical kit. A few years ago I was in St Martin, FWI and both army and Gendarmes wore very short very tight shorts. Think - Village People go tropical!

Army wore green and the Gendarmes wore a color the wife called "Hyacinth Blue", medium bllue with a purpleish tinge to it. The Gendarmes wore matching suede high cut trainers. I was very polite and did not laugh as 1) They were getting me the information from a frenchman who had rearended my rental car 2) They carried some sort of SMG and I try not to pish off men with big FO guns. Very very gay looking. The Gendarmes were very helpful and I felt sorry for anyone forced to wear that stuff.
Voltiguer said:
David you are spot on - its got to be very baggy shorts -

As a septic sort I have heard a lot of pishing and moaning about how old your equipment is and took it as just normal military complaints but looking at that picture of your plane I can see you were not kidding. Next thing you will be telling me is that your pilots still wear leather helmets and silk scarves.

Note added re Gendarmes in FWI. By day they wear very gay shorts and at night they wear black BDU's and black t-shirts, MUCH more ally.
The last British unit in the Western Desert 1970 Libya


OK, the shorts are pants, gay, shite, etc.


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