Desert Shirts - IN or OUT?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by scanmanski, Apr 28, 2004.

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  1. i'm based in baghdad right now where the temperature is touching just under 40c - and for some bizarre and bullshi**y reason we have to wear our shirts tucked IN to our trousers!

    it's really starting to feel uncomfortable now and given that we all wear body armour every day here in baghdad it just doesn't make sense to me why we have to wear shirts in!

    why is the british army insisting on doing this? every other army here wears their uniform nice and loose and the air is allowed to flow freely through it - but not the british soldiers.

    we have to keep up with the image of soldiers from world war one with short jackets and everything tucked in while the rest of the world's armies were wearing tunics.

    surely there is something in queens regs about wearing your shirt tucked out when it's warm?

    in a few weeks it will be in the 50's here and we will probably still have our shirts tucked in.

    i used to belong to an infantry battalion where wearing shirts out was second nature and not a problem (except in barrack routine) - we were allowed do that because it felt COMFORTABLE.

    is it going to take someone collapsing with heat exhaustion to make the higherarchy realise that it actually makes sense to wear your shirt OUT?

    i mean - i am on operations in baghdad - and i still have to wear my shirt tucked IN.

    come on - where is the justice in the world?


    a pocket in camp is a pouch in the field.......
  2. Scan,

    I worked near your location and we always wore the shirts out. The decision was made by our local commander and is a common sense issue.

    I also made several trips to Basra and everyone there last year wore the shirts out.

  3. Scan,

    Maybe you should just chance it and see what happens? It must be worth a few extras, or maybe no one will notice and you can carry on, maybe even set a precedence...........
  4. 40 degrees you say? pah hardly warm yet !!!

    Think yourself lucky you weren't around in the days of the Empire - trogging around India, Afghanistan etc wearing red tunics with high collars.

    On a more serious note, there has to be some level of commander's discretion. My Sqn wore shirts out and nobody batted an eyelid (or collapsed from heat exhaustion either). :p
  5. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Everyone in Basra wears them out apart from the chaps who are in the air-conditioned Bde HQ.

    I believe that floppy hat wearing is soon to be enforced as well.
  6. Not a dig at you - but this ruling is because the Man That Says is an utter Twatt. And no doubt he works in an ( air conditioned ) office.

    Blokes have died of heatstroke out there, for farks' sake. The man is, literally, a menace.
  7. good point and you are mostly right.

    however - i spend most of my time working 'indoors' but we work in an iraqi building with iraqi air contitioning and the temperature inside fluctuates from 28C to 30C - we literally sit here and sweat sometimes but we are not allowed shirts out.

    whats worse - is that when we are expected to go outside in vehicles or on foot - wearing body armour and assault vests and helmets - we are still expected to wear our shirts IN.

    i was 'caught' in a photograph with an american patrol wearing full kit with my shirt OUT and it was 'noted'.

    this only seems to apply to some soldiers in this base - makes me wonder what 'uniformity' is all about!

    yes - soldiers from my regiment in basra (it is a little hotter there) have been wearing shirts out since march sometime - but not us poor souls in baghdad!

    keep your comments coming.

    why do some things make perfect sense to soldiers but are outrageous to officers?


    what's good for the goose is good for the gander....
  8. Are you being made to wear stable belts as well scan?
  9. Try asking some officers - ideally the one in question - to accompany you on a patrol out on the ground, or think of some other reason to get him out and about. Once he has been around with his shirt in... and anyway, you can point out that its not a shirt, its a lightweight jacket - I think thats what it says on the label.

    Anyway, get him hot and sweaty, get the point made.
  10. it's a very valid point because actually - most of his CP team wear their shirts out!

    thats because they carry all the kit and obviously it's more comfortable.

    yes we do have to wear belts with our shirts in!


    good point though and i have checked my label and it say 'shirt combat tropical - desert dpm'! how many people tuck their jackets into their trousers?

    maybe we should take it one step further and tuck it into our pants and have them riding up over our trousers too - that might work!

    maybe when someone goes down - the man at the top will think he has made a brilliant decision - and order us to wear shirts out!

    we live in hope and heat....
  11. The blokes a nobber . We wore shirts out and floppy hats when we got
    into thearte . Only started wearing stable belt after i lost somuch weight I had to . If you have to go out why not wear cba under shirt then it impossible to tuck it in . Ask a senior why or e mail soldier that always upsets them .
    Or B fake a photo of one of your blokes dying from heat exhaustion
    and sell to mirror .
    Or is it a cunning plan to get a way with abusing locals as if anyone sees the photos you can say they cant be in iraq as there shirts are tucked in :twisted:
  12. I used to be a fully paid up member of the shirts in club - "get a grip man - it's not that hot!" until I went to Basra and found somewhere that WAS that hot. I then changed my tune rapido. Fortunately for many I was in a position of a little influence and so the many wore them out. Trouble is that people seem to forget rapidly just how hot it will get this summer. Lots of heat casualties last year and if the lessons are not remembered for this year then lots more to come...... :(
  13. There appear to be two schools of thought here, both of which I have observed in Iraq over recent months. There are those who wear the shirts tucked in - they tend to be those who work in nice air-conditioned offices or stores, and there are those who work outside who tend to wear their shirts out. I can say from very recent personal experience, working outside? - wear your shirt out and keep your clothing as loose as possible.
  14. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    A directive on dress passed my desk a couple of years ago, generated from the very top echelons of the army which said, in no uncertain terms that stable belts could (not must!) be worn in barracks, but most definitely were not to be worn on exercise or on operations. Webbing belts only. Whilst I can understand your need to wear one due to the Iraq Thermal Diet (all the rage in Basra I believe), they should not be worn. And if this order was stuck to, commanders would have less reason to insist on shirts tucked in because their pretty stripey colours would not be visible. My 58 ptn belt got white tide marks of perspired salt in it, so stable belts must surely constitute a danger being much wider and more constricting?
  15. sleeves up or down?
    that is the other one
    i was always told in basic that when handling weapons you should have long sleeves
    is this the case?

    also when i was out in GW1 i was told that i had to have my sleeves rolled up
    i then asked for suncream to protect my arms and they said no
    so i just carried on with my sleeves down
    having fair skin and burning easily i had no other option
    as far as i can remember we could wear our jackets tucked in or out as we decided