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As we approach November the 11th there is a campaign on facebook to get the British Legion to issue a desert camouflage poppy. If it was produced I would probably wear both. Opinions please?

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End of.

I would say 'Red or Dead' but that seems a tad in bad taste.
Not for me I'm afraid, the same with white one. The poppy should be for remembering all our fallen irrelevant of campaign.
Seconded I'm afraid. The poppy should be timeless.

As much as efforts to raise it's profile are commendable I believe that changing it's design/colour to suit different campaign slightly cheapens it's original meaning.

You see any person with a red poppy, you instantly know why it's being worn, and where the money has gone, let's not muddy the waters.
IMHO the poppy is a symbol of the sacrifice made by soldiers in all conflicts old and new. Whilst I can understand the sentiments of this 'desert poppy', I feel it takes away the sacrifices made by soldiers in previous wars which is not what the poppy is about.
i dont think its right to differentiate between the wars and conflicts, wearing a poppy is about remembering everybody's sacrifice through the years
Couldn't agree more. At one of our local Remembrance Days the vicar asked us to remember the fallen in, specifically, WWI, WWII, the Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan. I remonstrated with him afterwards asking him why he'd only mentioned the fallen in those actions and his reply, you won't believe, was, "Oh, were there more wars than that then?"! :pissedoff:
How about a desert rose then? Er... TAXI!
I would have to agree with the foregoing comments. The red poppy is iconic and is just as relevant to the fallen of recent and current conflicts as it has been for our past fallen.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.
If produced only for sale by EFI, fair enough. But with a walt warning printed on the rear to prevent it being worn elsewhere.
Only the red poppy for me. It is THE symbol of Remembrance. It unites everyone in remembering all our fallen from EVERY conflict.
i made a desert poppy with a green British camo leaf but when my mum saw it she said it was disrespectful and made me take it off which i think that is unfair because if we have a desert camo poppy you would you think of the troops in Afghanistan and how some of them have died i think it dose not matter what color so i am going to wear it
Desert coloured poppy's? It's a ludicrous idea and demeans the principle behind the poppy appeal. They are red because as was pointed out earlier the Poppy's that grew in Flanders were red. Strangely enough, i believe the poppy's are red in Afghanistan too...If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!
Am I missing something here? Are poppies usually DPM?

I think not.
******* absolutely not! Red, one in all in. Its a symbol. As per TalaveraTom, You don't get Desert Camouflage poppies growing on the fields of Flanders, do you? ******* Desert. NO!
It was a shite idea. End of.

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