Desert Patrol Sack: UK customisation

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by VonMurvis, Jun 26, 2011.

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  1. I managed to pick up a 45l Patrol sack in desert colours but was wondering if it would take well to a can of
    green spray paint to put it in line with use in the UK

    has anybody tried this?

    any tips would be most welcome

  2. That sounds proper bo mate, go for it.While your at it, take it to a good kit tailor who can add the Ginsters pouch on the back and the sausage roll holders on the sides, you stab dick.
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    thats so clever, however I do not have a sausage roll,
    what i do have is a real job in the real world and when you get laid off in the next round of defence cuts,
    and you cant get a job as a truck driver or nightclub doorman,
    i would like you to think about how if you had stuck in at school, you too could have had a real job

    I choose to be a STAB, and i enjoy it, I get to come and go as i please
    you, however, have no say in your 'chosen career'

    you ARAB dick
  4. Young 'uns, nowadays, terrible, no respect and a rag-head
    hater, to boot.
    bet you earn wads of dosh as well, do tell.
  5. Nice one Tubs, good to see that you think so highly of the organisation you spend your spare time trying to emulate. I bet you don't have a sausage roll, you probably nearly took your fingers, off scoffing the last one.
  6. [​IMG]

    Nice bite Gareth

  7. Good grief - What a total ****. I bet you are the pride of your Battalion.
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  8. or you could mobilse and get the whole set in MTP
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  9. Ill be mobilising again later on this year,

    i was hoping to get some advice form the people who claim to know best, the professionals,
    but it seems we are again embracing the one army concept with all the worth it is due, apparently
  10. I was going to deploy. The day before, I got a phone call saying I was too old.
  11. Here you go then - Don't buy a cheap shit desert daysack then spray it green. You'll look like a typical member of your sub-standard organisation, in rag order with a raft of gucci "improvements" to his already ill-worn uniform and accoutrements. You ******* Gareth.
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  12. That's Mike...
  13. Buy an cover
    Put cover over bag
    Dry yer fuckin eyes
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  14. Yes and your reply seems to fit right in with that concept.

    Why would you want to spray a day sack green - you will look like a right c**t. There again if the day sack fits wear it.
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  15. I know, however he's in the TA so I thought it was a fitting picture to represent a Gareth who's got got sand in his vagina.

    Buzz kill