Desert Paint

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by compus_mentus, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Very important question:

    Vehicle paint in Iraq/Afghanistan - Do we use the same colour for both theatres? I think we do, but have a pint resting on me being correct.
  2. That is a Wah if ever there was one!
  3. Obviously different colour if you are in the "Green Zone"
  4. If you're in one of the Tri-Service jobs do you paint the wagons purple?
  5. :bow:

    not a wah (I do genuinely have better things to do), but your response will suffice. Thanks!
  6. Well we had cvrts and tractors which were nato green, on telic 10. And were told to bring green covers for our helmets, to not stand out in front of snipers when driving these vehicles or on top cover! Seriously
  7. SOP for us on telic was all WR crew wearing green helmet covers also

    as theyre harder to see at night
  8. The colour used is desert stone. I'm now expecting a WAH!!!
  9. But does it have the same IRR as real desert stone/dust/mud/etc?
  10. Not being current on spectral analysis I dunno!!!!
  11. Yes it is the same colour. RLC Vehicle Specialists (if they still existed) could explain all the different colours, even those that look similar.

    I believe the number of different colours are less now than they were 10 years ago though.

    There is an availability manager at Wilton who could explain it better I'm sure.
  12. :arrow: Many years ago they used to use Pink Landrovers in the Desert! I once asked what the NSN was for 'Desert Pink' and was shown several tins of paint, Baige and Red Oxide, and told its two of them to one of them...

    Now I will let you work out if this is a Wah or not :p
  13. I have it on good authority that THEY used to use specially modified pink lanny 130's in the desert known as pink panthers. I haven't got a clue if they still use them now though I doubt it..