Desert Name and Unit flashes

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by accidentalscaley, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. Where the hell can i get Desert name tags and unit flashes made at?
  2. Give these guys a call:

    Lancashire Embroidery & Insignia Ltd
    Knowsley Industrial Park North
    Liverpool L33 7SA
    Tel.: 0151 546 5161
  3. You can also get them done out in the sand pit. The taylors shop in Shibetha does a roring trade on them
  4. Why the do you need em. Just use the normal ones if you absolutly feel the need
  5. Very true, they'll even do a "double" for you and put your name in Arabic and English too.

  6. That way if you ever go out of camp, the locals who can read will smile at you.

    Because the Arabic translation of "accidentalscaley" has for some reason come out as "I'll do it with your camel". :lol:

    Don't bother as they'll call you Mr Accident anyway as they don't use second names much, as they’re all very similar.

  7. You can get them done at any american base out there. Goto there tailering huts. In Arabic and English and with any colour of thread if you want to be different. $3 each if I remember right.
  8. Fogot to say, check the arabic, I have heard stories.....
  9. That looks very gay - although not as gay as having two on the other side with 'Royal Air Force' and the Arabic translation as well.