Desert Kit?

I walked into my local army surplus shack on Saturday (Mash in Gloucester) to find stacks and stacks of: desert boots (two types), desert DPMs (jackets and trousers), S10 respirators, desert helmet covers, 58 patt sleeping bags etc.

Bloke in the shop said its all genuine un-issued kit AND CAME FROM THE SAME SUPPLIERS THE MOD USE.  Now I'm sure they'd never supply civvy stores before the MOD and he said they have plenty of stocks.  So whats the excuse for being able to buy kit in the shop but the forces not having any to issue?!


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It's gordon browns new economic policy to keep the economy on track + pay for the war - force soldiers to buy their own stuff!


most surplus kit comes through field textiles by hook or by crook. they are the MOD offical disposal agents for all clothing and kit.believe it or not a fair proportion of brand new kit comes through their doors. i saw brand new desert boots there - high leg and ankle only mid part of last year in boxes un-issued. most likely the same stuff i saw 10years ago at the ordanace depot in Hereford. anyone know why?

Grab what you can and sent it out to Kuwait, I'll have no problem getting rid of it for you, we could split the profits 3 ways with the ABF. ;D

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