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Desert issue parachute wings

Has the British Army ever issued a subdued parachute wings for desert use?

In 1984, I bought a pair of subdued British parachute wings from a military surplus dealer in England. The parachute wings were reportedly a new version to be worn by members of 5 Airborne Brigade in the event of a deployment to the Middle East.
I sold the parachute wings years ago, but I was reminded of them again, this month, when I came across a subdued parachute wings on a British Desert DPM jacket for sale in Scandinavia.

The parachute wings which I bought in 1984, were of the current British design, all details were light brown on a beige background with a light brown trim. The version which I saw this month, was of the current British design, all details were black on a desert pattern background with a black trim.

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