Builds Desert group build 1/32 scale Airfix Crusader tank and multipose Infantry figures.


figs early flesh colours.jpg
Shiny bulled boots? In the desert...?

Are you sure...?


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Shiny bulled boots? In the desert...?

Are you sure...?
He did say he was going to weather them later!


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Yes but never pass up the opportunity for a dig, just to keep people on their toes.

If you only come on this forum to have a "dig" at others, you are on the wrong part of the site. This forum has and always will have respect for the individual and their skills. If you want to wind someone up, go play with the kiddies in the NAAFI.
yes I will as I have said, weather them up a bit, but first the Diorama base,
base sand and debris.jpg

I have cut a board to size, covered it in a thin layer of PVA glue to hold the sand and a cluster of unrelated debris left behind by the retreating foe. Before all of this, the figure positions were marked and a single drill hole, filled with a peg made of cut off cocktail sticks, get through loads of them they are so useful, this stops the sand hiding the hole till I can locate the figure.
before the figures are finished off with final details, weathering and badges of rank supplied in the multipose kit, the figures have a hole drilled in the heel and a stretched sprue plastic support peg was glued in place.
peg in heel.jpg

trial placing of the figures to check I'm happy with the grouping, using the vehicle as hard cover as the Sergeant faces backward telling the follow up troops to spread out.
figure position try out.jpg

the kneeling unsupported rifleman, looks a little stiff by modern sculpting standards, I'll be doing the Masterbox Germans next, they will fair better. These are from the 70's afterall.
keeling unsupported a.jpg
with a coat of light airbrushed dust on the figures they're beginning to look the part, though the three tapes fell into the carpet monster so I've had to reduce him to a Full screw. "two section, don't bunch up!"
final stages e.jpg

some general views
final stages b.jpg

final stages a.jpg


I would have thought they’d avoid hanging around the back of a crewed tank, it could reverse without warning at any moment and if they’re out of sight of the commander...

I do however understand the feeling of security they’d have with all that armour in front of them
a little late for this one, but I'll be having a go at the Tamiya-Italeri kit with a Eduard PE set to go with it. So this book will come in handy, even so, it's nice to have it in the bookcase.
book by Gerald.jpg
some more pictures taken outside in todays sunlight.
sunshine g.jpg

sunshine e.jpg

sunshine c.jpg

sunshine b.jpg

the trouble is, you blow up close ups of your work, there are always niggles that need attention, it's never finished.


I really like the way the exposed skin is dirty, tanned, slight sunburn on the Gingers.
I am constantly in awe of your attention to detail and work.
I can’t even fold two paper plans the same way...

Minor point, no big deal: I think that rock should be 2cm to the left.

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