desert gortex


I had one issued to me on temporary loan whilst it pi55ed down last winter in Al-Amarah. Of course it was dutifully returned and is not taking up the slightest bit of space in my loft.
The desert pattern Gortex jackets were issued (well I used to issue them) to scale for personnel deploying to Iraq in the winter months. I was issued one when I deployed on Op Resinate North many moons ago and its lived in my loft since then.

If you need one it should be issued. If you are a walt it will not.
I'll sell you a set for £199 :thumright:
brighton hippy said:
I'll sell you a set for £199 :thumright:

Surely that should read £199,000 (judging by the eBay SAS windproof thread).
damm oracle there goes my beer money for the month :mrgreen:
they really are eltie special forces stuff.
although why you need waterproofs in a desert seems a bit odd to me?

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