Desert Ghillie Cape

Any Kit lords out there know where i can get hold of a ghillie cape (Air tex thing with loads of elastic hanging off it for all you none hessian clad brother hood out there) in desert colour HM supplies used to do them but no more according the them.

Troopers or Dragon's of Colchester may be able to make for order? they have the desert mesh and sell the Web-tex ghille vest, could use the pattern! They will make pretty much anything of your choice mate.
USMC in Southport do ghillie suits too. Try here[hr]
Flecktarn do a desert canpat artex poncho thing if that helps. in Iraq we used dyed and spayed up snow suits
Evilgoblin said:
USMC in Southport do ghillie suits too. Try here[hr]
From their website:

About Us
Since 1989, USMC has become France's #1 mail order catalogue for military and law enforcement equipment and now prints over 120,000 catalogues a year.

Not in my pub!

Nuff said
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