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Desert Cooking 1940s Style

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by merchantman, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. I'm sure I've eaten it a time or two myself. I have certainly had some very dodgy looking chicken bones in curries eaten in various establisments around Lumb Lane in Bradford
  2. Chicken is a fraction of the price of rabbit so I doubt it!
  3. Chicken is a fraction of the price of rabbit so I doubt it!

    Cat is FREE!!!
  4. This was a long time ago; could have been a local cat I suppose
  5. I have my grandfather's recipes from that time (MID at El Alamein, as an RASC master baker). Stew for 80 men, date barm and all kinds of dodgy-looking things.
  6. Not if you're from Darwen!
  7. These days of course it's almost compulsory, but in 1940 going to Manchester was exotic for my family. :D
  8. Why is she auctioning this sterling work? Couldn't she have found a publisher?
  9. Spike Milligan and his MONKEY crew all paid in fags for a supprise meal in Italy WW2 .

    Turned out to be curried grass.
  10. and so are these