Desert coloured patrol sack

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by VonMurvis, Jun 26, 2011.

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  1. I managed to pick up a 45l Patrol sack in desert colours but was wondering if it would take well to a can of
    green spray paint to put it in line with use in the UK

    has anybody tried this?

    any tips would be most welcome


    I did post this originally in the equipment section, but, once again, the ARABS managed to turn it into a STAB
    bashing opportunity, so i am reposting it here, with my own kind
  2. The spraypaint will make the patrol pack look like crap, and will either wash off or wear off in no time. It's not worth it.

    Buy yourself a proper one.

    Edited to add: Stop being a pikey.
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  3. I have the smaller DPM one, but its a bit too small and the bergen is a bit too big

    thanks for the paint info
  4. HHH

    HHH LE

    Re-posting it isn't going to make your question any less stupid!
    I'm sure all the other TA members are really proud of what a great job you're doing to promote how intelligent the TA is!!
    If you had read some of the answers to your first post, you would see that even thought your question is stupid, it has been answered.
    BUY A COVER!!!
  5. Or just buy a temperate UK one in the first place!
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  6. or even better, do a tour and get a nice MTP one issues ..
  7. Jesus fookin batshit!

    It's not STAB bashing - it's some good advice.

    Stop buying shit you don't need and get kit you do need.

    If you need a green daysack buy a fuckin green one! It aint rocket science.

    Or, as suggested before:

    Buy an cover
    Put cover over bag
    Dry yer fuckin eyes

    I hope this helps! :)
  8. Well, your 'own kind' seem to have really rallied behind you on this one!
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  9. But this one's just right, Goldilocks?
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  10. Own kind? Trust me, I doubt neither STABs or ARABs will want to be associated with this clown. (For the record I'm a STARAB.)
  11. some very helpful tips, many thanks to you all