Desert chest rig

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by merlin162, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Currently training for Herrick 10 and have seen a few boys cutting about with Molle type desert chest rigs, anyone got any ideas who the maker is?
    Your assistance would be greatfully accepted.
  2. If I remember correctly what an infanteer was saying on another forum its either made by Blackhawk or based on one of their designs.
  3. wairrior chest rigs from uk tactical bout £80
  4. Beefy Bayonet, if you look at Winstons tacticals description of Molle kit, it has been cut and pasted direct from Wikipedia, and just changed the odd word.

    This clown can not be making his own kit, its just imported as he cant know enough about Molle to make it if he is just cut and pasting it.

    If you look at his Modular Battle belt, it says no Yoke is needed, this idea has trialled many times and for a Man to carry any sort of weight, it has to be shoulder carried. A belt may work fine for light loads but not with full webbing packed.

    This is a potentially dangerous set up to be used operationally.
  5. Agreed, the belt wouldn't be a substitute for webbing, but it would probably take a couple of mag pouches, frag pouches and first aid pouch.

    I don't think it's imported kit. It does look custom-made, plus the seller's got some pretty good feedback (for the record - I am not the seller!!).
  6. Can't believe the prices the guys above advertised are charging.

    I am visiting these people when the snow clears with a view to getting (another) complete system:

    They seem to be the cheapest in UK for the 'top' gear, but will know more when I get up there.
  7. Bulle is good kit but its not irr. if you've got the money id go for blackhawk. Ive got one of those winson belt there well made and very comfy i must admit i do use a yoke and only carry ammo, water and a brew kit.
  8. Apparently it was one of the Warrior rigs, just found them in the PRI, thanks to all for the replies....

    This one has yoke attachments, cant find the yoke, even though the description says it is in the ebay shop. I was watching one from the same seller that was on auction at the weekend that was bought for nearly £70. The question is, is it worth 45, it definatly looks better than the others about and its made by Vanguard.
  10. Does anyone think the Vanguard Molle belt is worth getting, I have had Vanguard kit before and its been top quality, I am not quite sure how the Yoke attaches to the belt kit from that advert, I did manage to finf the under Armour Yoke on ebay. Seems like some people are buying it.
  11. Hi all, just joined and this is my first post. If I should post an intro elsewhere then apologies to the moderators!!
    I make the gear for my EBay shop Winston Tactical Nylon.
    A few words about me.
    I'm ex infantry NCO from the 70s and early 80s. Carried 7.62 as well as 5.56 - (Before SA80). Wore some of the first ceramic body armour and saw it work close up over the water. Been making gear for about four years. I have very specific views about equipment carriage with body armour and my "stuff" reflects this.
    This is part time at the moment but will be full time when I retire (at 50!) from my present job.
    Cutting and pasting :D - Hell yes! might be lazy but it gets the job done - whoever wrote the Wiki page knows his MOLLE!
    Anyhow, feel free to ask me any questions about my gear or any MOLLE based equipment.
    PS All my materials apart from the DDPM Cordura is imported from the states; mainly because they have very specific "Mil Specs" on everything from thread to webbing.