Desert Boots


Hi all,

Does anyone know what time of boot, Harry (HRH) was wearing out there.
In pictures they looked like Meindls but they had a zip up the inside.

Or let me know where I can buy them from, size 10 medium if anyone has and wants to convert to tokens.

Many thanks

Anychance they were these?

linky thingie

IIRC mine were $80 from thye PX at Victory, not waterproof, but nothing that a gortex sock couldn't sort out, very comfy too.


You are almost undoubtedly correct.

But as I left the mob a good few years ago I will only be wearing them to mince about in at work. I run a flooring company and desert boots with their soft suede uppers and wide tread soles are the perfect floor fitting boot !

The zips would add that little bit extra in that they would be much easier to get off and on in customers houses !


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