Desert boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Blues_Cav, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Quick question, my son is getting ready to deploy and issued with one pair of desert boots, he has been told by his troop leader that it is best to buy a second pair. Does he need 2 pairs? Being LSL I have not been deployed so cannot advise him. I take it the supply chain is as bad as ever and if they do need exchanging it is going to take weeks.
  2. What size you after? I've got a pair of new size 8 desert boots here looking for a good home.

  3. supply chain is good at the moment out here with regards to exchanges. 1 pair of deserts will do him plus a normal set of CHs. If he is doing the winter tour then make sure he brings a pair of wellies :thumright:

    hope that helps
  4. Thanks for the offer but he has size 9 feet. I will buy him a pair if he really needs them, just annoyed that the system still seems to be failing the guys on the ground. If they need 2 pairs they should issue 2 pairs. I know I should know better but I did hope that they had at least sorted boots by now.
  5. It's not all desert out there, loads of wet shite to play with too, plus if he's spannering on the tank park - leather keeps the shitty oil out.

    If he's going near Shaiba Log base, he'll need a couple of spare pairs of flip-flops too!

  6. Thank you one and all will pass this on to him.