Desert Boots.

Bought 2 pair of these, 1 pair took me around the world.

Easily found on Ebay using search for "British Army Issue Desert Suede Leather Non-Combat Boots"

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Green, GREEN!!!!!!, soles. Reminds me when I was a Cadet in the ACF in the early 70's, and could not afford to buy a pair of proper DMS Boots. I was given a pair of hand me down black quarry work boots with bright green acid proof soles. Forever having the urine taken out of me. The positive side was the boots had proper steel toe caps which came in handy during the frequent inter unit ACF punch ups during annual camp.

Called up in front of the Adults after one such misunderstands got out of control and questioned if I had kick Cadet Opposing Forces in the head wearing the said boot's.

I replied quite honestly I had not kicked anybody during the inter unit after lights out Rugby.

Angry ACF Adult; Then explain why Cadet Opposing Forces is in hospital with concussion which appears to have been caused by a steel toe cap boot.

My response was 'Sir I have not kicked anybody!!!' Look I am wearing pumps.

I was warned that I was being watched etc!!!

I knew full well I had not kicked anybody, as I had put the boots inside a pillow case and swung them around at head high during the ruff and tuff.

Still had the urine taken out of me about the green soles.

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