Desert boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Dogwalker, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. What are the current army desert boots? Are the Soldier 2000 model with the same soles as the current assault boot still used?Or are they replaced by another model?
  2. Dunno, get mine in 2 days time..
  3. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    I gave my magnums to one of the local kitchen hands - if you can, get hold of the US desert boots (suede junglies). Top boots; very comfortable and hard wearing. Don't spend a fortune on a gucci civvy pair as you'll trash them within days anyway.
  4. On Telic 6 we had 3 different types being issued, dependant on size. The Magnums were rated badly (fell apart), as were the assault type ones (gave me sweat rashes). The jungly type seemed to be the preferred ones, but it all depended on the foot size.
  5. Bates uniform footwear make a real nice boot, seen a lot of these out here in the sandpit, the US marines get issued several versions ..with a litttle marine badge on the heel

    I came out here with the same pair of Magnums I wore on Telic2, and bought another pair of the same type when I got here, they have served me pretty well and taken a pounding, but its time to ditch them for a couple new pairs. Definately going to go with one of the Bates models.
    got hold of a pair of the yank jungle type dessie boots on telic but I found the soles werent thick enough or wide enough for my liking.
  6. I took Altberg desert boots to Iraq. Superb - comfortable all day and my feet didn't feel too hot. The soles can be replaced, so they'll last. On Saif Sareea I had the US desert boots which were pretty good, but don't last long - the soles were shredded after 4 months.
  7. I'd definitely second VB's recommendation for Altbergs... I'm (as I type) wearing a pair of Desert Microlites and (with a sorbothane insole) ...... can't fault them.

  8. Fancy a pair of those 11" para boots myself....
  9. My favourite - for both temperate and desert - is the jungle boot. I live & work in the sandpit, and i find that the desert version of the jungle boot (Altama boots from is the coolest and most comfortable by far.

    [Don't understand why people like a boot with about five layers of cordura, gortex and leather, when a single-layer boot is so much more breathable (and quick-drying).]
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I agree with 4(T) I blagged several pairs of jungle boots in Belize about 15 years ago and I still have a pair left: they're my boot of choice for normal work/weather. In fact the boots I wore on Saif Sareea and in Iraq were those old suede ankle boots - basically a suede version of DMS - which I found very comfortable in both environments.
  11. So I gather the best is the US version What is the difference in the Altma type compared to the ones sold by Silvermans? Also can you still get anywhere the old all suede type like the old dsm boot. I have seen them on Silvermans but they only do sizes 11 to 12. I take a 9.
    Also they charge silly prices.
  12. i had the dessie magnums and had no probs at all, must just be quality control on some batches then. also bought some converse boots from the PX very good, decent soles and loads of ankle suppourt. Try any of the american sites they offer loads of alternatives, if u wait till u get over there and speak to a septic nicley they can order them for you and the postage is usualy free.