Desert boots

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Airborne skygod, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. As we have now changed to mtp does anyone know of any desert boots that look ally and are good for tabbing in ?
  2. You are FerrerPara and I claim my £5!
  3. Try spraying your dessies with a few blotches of halfords jaunty grey and mother earth green......................
    Don't over do it though, or people will laugh.
  4. Fair one a will give it a try on old pair first dont wanna look a mug lol
  5. These are what you want, they even have a pocket for keeping sky in.

  6. Ha nice one you could get a grenade in there.
  7. So basically they will look like the new trial boots.
  8. Lowa Dessert. Mind the soles dont come off though! Took mine up Trefan and they were comfy as fook. Under a set of Yeti's of course (big fabric air vent in the side; not very Wales proof....
  9. Silly question, is there any other desert boots than those of Clark's? If they were good enough for the LRDG and the SAS, they should be good enough for today.
  10. Clark's are the allyest, but are a bugger for admitting grit unless you wear these, which offset the allyness somewhat;
  11. Real men do nor admit the existance of grit.
  12. Or socks, even those weird Russian ones.
  13. Exactly, just fill your boots (not to coin a phrase...) with tallow, or cold cream.

    Bit hard on your bunkmates though.