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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by xxfayexx, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Hey everyone!

    As you can see this is my first post, so be gentle!!

    My OH is out on tour at the mo and has asked me to track down some OTB Boots - Bush Masters in Tan to send out there too him as the ones he's got only have a month to go before totally falling apart!
    He seems to think theres a UK supplier of these but i can only find American sites with these boots!!

    And i thought if anyone would know if/where to get them in the UK you guys would
    Any help greatfully received

    Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. If his issue boots are falling apart he should get himself another pair through the system; there are plenty of spares - and make sure they send in a defect report so we can find out wht has gone wrong!

    Do you know what sort they are and what the problem is?

    And I wish him well - and hope you are coping ok too!
  3. To be honest he would be better off ordering them himself from out there as he will get the VAT back (if the company that sells them is in that scheme, worth looking into)
  4. I knew you guys would be fab!! Thanks

    Gearspotter - they aren't Army issue as he always buys new boots and kit before he goes away as he doesnt like the issued one. He didnt tell me what was wrong with them or what sort they were either! But i think they might be lowas.
    And ta im coping alright second tour with him now so kinda get used to it a bit!

    Thanks Voltiguer your a star, found them and ordered!!

    Thanks Paratus we didnt know about that, but i will remember that for the future. Unfortunately at the mo he isnt anywhere with internet and the phones are useless. So i have ordered them for him.

    Thank you guys so much.

    Hope your all well
  5. No dramas, although GS's advice for exchanges is good and free! There again, issue CAB tear my heels up no end as well, so I'm on the lookout for some gucci boots myself. Best of luck to you both.

  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Contact the company today and ask them to deliver to his BFPO, they should adjust the price so the VAT is deducted.
  7. Thanks Voltiguer.

    Cutaway - They actually had a function at the postage section to send it to his BFPO address which was handy!
    Cheers guys

  8. BTW - I see that the issue boots for HERRICK and TELIC are a choice of Meindl or Lowa. I've got to tick the box to say which ones I prefer. Anyone got any good or bad stories about either?
  9. Both are mint mate but my Meindls fell apart quicker and made my feet whiff a bit. I'll be ticking the Lowa box when I go back out.
  10. I would go for the Lowas I had both, Meindls first. The Meindls ripped my heels to bits (and most of my oppos had problems with them) but the Lowas are well comfortable, if a little on the large side (most people went for a size down). Downside of the Lowas is that the glue on the sole part isn't that brilliant and they tend to start falling off from the front tab part that comes up at the toe (if you know what I mean)

    In short, I would go for Lowas