Desert Boots which ones?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by brucewillis, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Going on Herrick shortly. Should I buy boots or are the issue ones any good.

    Anything else you can suggest, I know porn and a DVD player will get a mention.

  2. We (3 PARA) were issued Meindl and Lowa desert boots in Afghanistan though that's because we whinged about how crap the issue ones were. The Karrimor KSB's were deemed to be the best followed by Meindl.
  3. The yank ones are pretty good too plus Danner do a good one if you have can afford a second mortgage! As for lashing out money on them it would depend on what job you doing over there and remember the winter lasts for quite a while yet!

    As for other bits a shortwave radio is always handy
  4. Thanks for that guys, appreciate it.
  5. See
    V. good boots. loads of sizes and widthfittings- including made to measure. They made in Britain too, so must be best!
  6. I went thru Jacana in 2002 wearing pro boots and didnt have a single problem.

    Free from the man in Q&M
  7. US Belleview ones are very good, the triple vibram sole is well cushioned and can be resoled. They dont cost as much as Danners etc but are of similar design and quality.

  8. The altberg desert boots are dogsh1t. I got rid of mine within the first two weeks of having them as there's more ankle support on a pair of flip flops.
  9. The issue ones with some sorbathanes (sp) did me fine v comfy and lasted well*.

    *In Iraq telic 2 NOT fighting through Helmand like Fallschirmjager!!
  10. It depends what you are going to be doing out there really like other people have said. I too wore pro boots on fingal in 2002 and thought they were fine but we were in green kit then so I imagine some senior ranks might have a bit of a c*** stand about black boots with dessie kit. KSB's are good, and if you get the old style brown ones I imagine they would be excellant for the type of terrain out there. The US desert boots are good if you dont require much ankle support, but if you are going to be out patrolling I wouldn't bother with them.
  11. There are 3 types of boots issued depending on your role and how you get on with the issued boots. All on HERRICK will get at least one set of 'civi' off the shelf boots. Could be Meindl Desert Fox (my preferred pair) or Magnum Light weight patrol. You may also get a set of the normally issued boots. If you deploy during winter (how soon are you going?) you will also get Cold Wet Weather boots. Many people are being issued 3 pairs!

    Take the good advice from meiktilaman and wait out until you get there. Cold weather boots and Arctic socks are in the biggest demand at the moment. Chances are you will be issued a Meindl in theatre if you are a individual replacement. If your a formed unit you should know already.

    As for the recommendation's from others about the American stuff be careful. They don't like them much. Same goes for other 'good' brands. You may buy a named brand thinking if their temperate boot is good then the desert one will be too. Different skills and materials needed. As many are finding out. :oops:
  12. I know it's a bit of a cheap advertising shot, but I'm trying to help!

    Whichever boots you decide you need, The Outdoorsman will be able to supply, and not only that, I'll give you a forces discount AND VAT free AND ship it out there to your location via BFPO for nothing too. I'll do it cheaper than anyone else out there, with ANY brand.

    Not been there myself so keep checking the advice. Email me if you want a price.

    BTW, I know this was naughty, but I've made my donation and next month I'll be sponsoring one of the forums (probably the 'Cheeky Cnuts' forum).
  13. I have Altbergs, and found them excellent.

    Incidentally Giblets, just went to have a look at The Outdoorsman site, and it doesn't seem to be working - no images, and the top menu constantly says 'loading'.
  14. Viro,

    I've just had a look at the website and have had no problems whatsoever.
  15. Thanks mucker, that's an embuggerance!

    Which browser are you using? I've just tried using IE7 and it coms up pretty much instantly. Tried it with Mozilla earlier and that was OK too.

    Have you got an blocks on your browser for Java or Frames?

    Is anyone else having probs?