Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by STANLEY10527, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. What happened to the good ole dezzy welly? When I joined in the 80's it was part of the uniform! :wink:
  2. What's this got to do with joining up?
  3. obviously sprogs then. Live a little! ffs
  4. It was SOP in Aldershot, if you didn't wear it you singled yourself out for a good kicking. Don't forget the flying jacket for wet weather!
  5. Nobody wears them any more because blokes all want to look like they are in a boy band nowadays.

    Metrosexual pansies.
  6. Actually, the Clarks desert boot (My preference)is widely regarded as a design classic. The higher leg desert boot was more commonplace;I seem to remember a few nailed to the wall of 9 Sqn bar in the Hollinghurst.
  7. Hey Daps,

    Not taking the urine mate, but would you like to explain your avatar.

    I've never seen a beret like that before, is it for a special unit or something?
  8. PLs tell me this is a wah....
  9. My wah-o-meter has just exploded. :D
  10. Put him out of his misery before the dogs of war log in and see this post and tear him apart.
  11. Too late I fear. :twisted:
  12. Oh I see, It's a 3 para beret is it? :D

    I should have known better! 8O

    Wah my arse! :roll:
  13. Yeah mate, that's it, it's a 3 para beret.

    1 para has red behind their cap badge and 2 para has blue behind theirs.

    8O :roll:
  14. Ha ha!

    Yes mate, when you were in maybe! :lol: :lol: :lol: ie Never! :D

    Or is it a 15 Para cap badge backing, but the Hunting Stewart doesn't show up properly! :roll: It must've washed out!

    Or could it be a Para 49 beret specificially the Piefinder Company, because only a fat wannabe would have a beret like that.

    I know, it's a Junior Para one, but the colour has faded into green! :)