Desert Boots 1980s style - Where can I get some ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 58_Pattern, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. Does anybody know of any UK retailer or web based shopping site that sells the Desert Wellies with no eyelets that are a very soft suede and a low ankle style boot ? Any steerage or info would be most grateful. Many thanks indeed.
  2. WOW, I had forgotten about "old style" dessies, I have many strange memories about them, including drinking out of them!
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Laced up with para cord?

  4. Yes laced with green para cord, drinking pints out of them, falling over, put them on wet! I want some as well!!!
  5. Yes they were the first ever Multi Role Weapon we ever had. If my mind serves me correctly the last pair I bought were in about 1989 from a high street retailer. They were made in Poland as far as I can remember. I think they wore out and my wife finally thru them out in about 1994. By that stage the tongue was as thin as greasproof paper and the soles had no grip and were about 0.5mm thick. They felt like carpet slippers and I adored them. There must be a massive entrepreneurial opportunity for someone to buy these in and shift them online to us who are a wee bit longer in the tooth ?
  6. Yes that was de rigueur !!
  7. my last pair were buried with full honours next to the goldfish, gerbil, hamster and near where the missus is heading
  8. msr

    msr LE


    I'm covered in crap now from crawling through the attic, the ex-mrs must have binned them...

  9. Hey SKJOLD & Perevodchik many thanks indeed for your help. You have put a smile on my face and I am now going to celebrate with Chardonnay avec Dim Sum. You have made my friday night (well almost). Once again it's tremendous to see this site populated with like minded folk. Best regards indeed. CJA
  10. Christopher Shoes also have a wonderful, old fashioned shop in North End, Portsmouth with monkey boots and doc martens and those nice booties that old women wear.

    The shop is fabulous.
  11. Loved item M679B - ive ordered 2 pairs and 6 pairs of white socks - what the well dressed dude will be wearing with kahki shorts, bumb bag, t shirt and knotted hankie on his head this year - ill have to knock the birds away with a sh1tty stick
  12. White para cord - if my memory serves me right. Jeans ( with crease) and maroon top !!
  13. Fantastic... mine went up in smoke on my last garden burn up... they had well and truely gone. Have placed order much the the Frau's delight. Must now go out on the urine to brake em in propper.