Desert Boot Issue Problems ?

After the review in Soldier Magazine last year of the new kit to be issued for the Sandpit the Army previewed its new issue Desert Boot that I think is made in Spain ?

Lads are now getting issued the new Meindl Desert Fox Boot so does this mean the other Desert boot is no longer issued ? Was there an operational failure with this boot hence the introduction on the Meindl.From all reports the Meindl is a great boot and a welcome issue.

I think we are so far up four types of desert boots being issued since we got involved ten years ago.Will the Meindl Desert Fox stay around longer than previous issue Desert boots
should do its a quality boot i know lads who've used them for 3 tours of the sand pit and they're still going strong.
The Desert CABs, the ones made in Spain, are being wasted out. There are only a few left and if you got them try them out. If you do not get on with them then the QM has been told to exchange them for a set of Meindls or Magnums. This is not a long chit process as a percentage of the alternative boots have been purchased for every issue of the Desert CABs.

The new Desert Boots will be issued for the Summer rip next year. Cyprus trials have just finished and the potential replacements will go out to HERRICK and TELIC in the next month or so for final testing. The desert boot procurement will be the first of a different type of procurement. I can't give details but just two words to tempt you: choice and COTS (commercial off the shelf if you don't know!).

At the moment most infantry will get 100% Meindls in HERRICK while TELIC is pot luck.

Look for a change of Temperate boots in 2010 when CS 95 gets replaced
Front line ie those that are expected to walk long distances with heavy loads get the Meindl. The rest get whats left, it could be magnum or it could be Miendl or it could be the last of the Desert CABs. As I said we are rapidly moving towards 100% Mindl (if they cam meet the demand). Thats for HERRICK, TELIC is still a bit of a mis-match but soon to be as HERRICK
Meindl are awesome boots and it is a welcome move for the MOD to invest in a genuinly good piece of kit, the only thing I found with them is they are a slightly narrow fit on the foot, and my feet sweel a fair bit with the heat so when you get them in the UK be sure to check you have a fair bit of room in them to play with as we have had dramas getting them exchanged in theatre, we also got a dodgy batch as a lot of lads have had the lace hooks pull out after about a month of a decent amount of tabbing around ghanners.
Sound advice from 307. I have been passing information about foot sizing and swelling to the Bdes and units. Its disappointing still to see so many people not getting the advice when fitted in UK or Germany.

The fitting issue with the Meindl exposes a fundamental boot problem. No boot, none at all, will fit all people. Meindl make all their boots on the same last (the mould)so all Meindls, whatever the design, are the same shape inside. Same for Lowa, Magnum etc. To get over this we need to have an alternative make (not model) immediately available at unit level so the soldier can return his Mindls and get an alternative; no questions and no hassle. This will be the situation soon. The selection of the alternative boot will have to wait for Theatre trials this year but trust be when I say the candidates are top quality manufacturers.

Investing in good kit is cheap. Soldiers do not deliver capability when in the med centre. Paying an extra £20 - 30 on boots is a drop in the ocean when compared to sums of money needed to fly in the QRF to take over from crippled soldiers. The problems with the current boot have finally put the bean counters back in their box (with some massive political and military pressure). You will see this spend to save attitude creeping into all kit in the next 12 months (you have seen it already on ops). The final aim is PECOC which will replace everything in 2011 and almost triples the amount being spent on the soldier. Of course that assumes that Uncle Gorden doesn't shut the Treasury doors on his way out!
kitmonster, I had no advice on my meindls whatsoever, i got them, wore them in in the UK and they were quite comfy however I didn't think about foot swelling at all, which is my fault nobody elses, however for new lads who havn't done a tour in a hot environment before, it's a bit new. I hope Lowa deserts are in the running for the alternative boot, look like good stuff.
I'm sure I've read that Meindl and Lowa (and Hanwag for that matter) are basically three different bits of the same company. Certainly my Lowa boots feel identical in shape internally to the Meindls I use for mountaineering.
I will keep trying to push the message about up sizing. One way around is is to issues a lace to toe boot (like a hiking boot) which partially allows for foot swelling. There are Lowas in the running for an alternative desert boot but it might not be the ones you are thinking about. There are 3 types, 2 good and one unsuitable as its so soft.

I am not sure about Hanwag (but I could find out) but Lowa and Miendl are rivals. I have toured around the Meindl factory and spent time with Herr Miendl discussing the problems of desert footwear. Whilst they have grudging respect for Lowa the manufacturing facilities are unrelated. Even their external manufacturing factory's are not the same (Italy and Slovenia I think). Often when you trace back where boots are made in volume you can get back to a couple of Asian factory's, not so with Miendl and Lowe.
Does anyone know if there are plans to issue 2 pairs of the new sand pit boots when they are released. Every time I have had a pre-deployment health brief I am told that I should rotate between 2 pairs of boots to allow them to dry out between use. Certainly my single pair of issue boots have always developed a musty damp smell on trips to the sand pits because they can never dry out. Just in case anyone thinks it's because I'm a complete personal admin vortex; this smell doesn't extend to my feet as fresh socks and Canesten AF foot cream, applied daily, works a treat. It's the boots that develop the mildew smell because they never get a chance to dry out.

Also, whatever boots do get selected they need to be issued in different width fittings. I have found over the years that when I buy my own boots they are never quite wide enough for my feet (ie places like Silvermans only stock the medium width fitting). The military buys enough units to insist on different widths in each size - the boots then just need to be a quality design in the first place.
kitmonster said:
Front line ie those that are expected to walk long distances with heavy loads get the Meindl. The rest get whats left, it could be magnum or it could be Miendl or it could be the last of the Desert CABs. As I said we are rapidly moving towards 100% Mindl (if they cam meet the demand). Thats for HERRICK, TELIC is still a bit of a mis-match but soon to be as HERRICK
As a "REMF" I can concur fully with the above. I've still got my issue Magnums which are cheap and cheerful and do me well bimbling around in the rear but would be jack sh1t use out of base. I feel i would be wasting a pair of Meindls and would look like a chippy wannabe if I cut around in them!!
Check out the latest SPAM ones (Spastic plastic american muther fu**ers)


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