Does anyone know where I can purchase Desert AUSCAM in the UK? I know it's widely avaiable in Oz but is rather expensive to send over. Thanks
Thanks, I would have hoped that Flektarn, who sponsor this section, would have had some. Might have to wait and blag some on HERRICK!
ParaAGC I'm assuming you mean this pattern?

I know the Aussies are supposed to have some gleeming kit but when it comes to sandpit DPM I'm mighty glad I'm in HM forces! When I first saw it worn in theatre I did wonder how DP that design actually is? Never mind, their compo is awesome and Aussies are always a pleasure to work alongside - despite their DPM.
This Auscam doesn't seem to lend itself to "Count the bunny ears" like their green pattern...
How many pairs of rabbit ears on one jacket? :D


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