Desecration of War Graves - Capital Offence?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldSnowy, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Now I am normally a tolerant man (Hem hem) but this really, really grips my sh*t:

    Scrotes in Crawley stealing items left on the grave of a Soldier who died in Basra.

    Can't we petition for some suitable penalty for these scrotes? I know Crawley is a pit, but this is pretty bloody low.
  2. I am absolutely disgusted, but then I expect that 99.99% of the rest of the membership of ARRSE is too (Unwashed75 troll members excepted). Nothing will be done to them (officially, though I hope Sgt Connolly's mates track them down) and even if they're caught some apologist will explain their rationale. Another symptom of the miserable state of Britain today, sadly.
  3. What about the commonwealth war graves and the illegal immigrants in France urinating all over them, whilst waiting to get into OUR country. The whole fabric of this country is being undone and NO-ONE seems to care (other than ARRSE members, so it would seem). Am I on my own for seriously worrying about the degeneration of this country and our society
  4. They should have their fingers snapped off one by one. His Mother sounds like a wonderful lady.
    Bobos, your not the only one to worry about the degeneration of this country, its a scarey thought thats these scum will be breeding the next lot of muggers and lord knows what as were getting older and more defenseless. There doesn't appear to be anything great about Britain anymore. Switch United Kingdom for immigrant kingdom.
  5. Sickening behaviour that noise in there heads that stops them sleeping at night can someone let them know it's there conscious they need to turn the volume up.

    Stand tall Mrs Connolly our thoughts are with you.
  6. Strange this ... the police claim they can't do anything yet they have plenty of officers for guarding various criminals to make sure no one gives them their just dues , plenty to protect Muslims with their anti British marches , plenty for sports events but no one to put a war grave under survaillance . Perhaps a couple of SAS guys might be willing to keep an eye on the grave for a few days and deal suitably with anyone up to no good??
  7. As sickening as it is, Im sure the whole country agree that the desicration of graves should be a statute offence.
  8. Sometimes you just despair what our country is turning into.
  9. A soldier dies for his country and these muthafuckas do this. Chavs probably and they really do grip my shit. Bring back National service for the little basas ggggrrrr I am so fickin mad


  10. Agree totally OldTimer and lets not forget all the none jobs that the council can afford to pay but no money for any camera's to go on the cemetry entrance I suppose,yet the petty officals will come out of the woodwork on Remembrance day to have their pictures taken,once again another example of a land fit for heroes,(sic)
  11. When is someone going to stop making apologies for all these scrotes and start meeting out some proper justice? Until the EU via Westminster banned it, the Isle of Man used to administer the Birch to petty criminals. Some 'kin huge Manx famer with arms like tractors used to dish out strokes from a massive bunch of birch branches in groups of three.

    Funnily enough there was never a vandalism problem, no car theft and you could leave your house front door open! The very idea of being flogged senseless was a brilliant deterent for the scum ...and then someone said it infringed their human rights.........

    I think I might move to Australia!
  12. Oh come off it...

    There are a couple of pathetic contributions on this thread. What has this story got to do with illegal immigrants? Are there really any unwashed75's who would condone desecration of graves (well, it is the internet and there is always one)? I think these kind of posts do the Connollys a disservice.

    Do they use the birch in Australia then Blunt_Instrament???

  13. This sucks. A brave man dies for his country, and his country (society) repays his debt to said society by allowing lawless chavs/scrotes to desecreate his grave.
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Welcome to 21st century England. $hithole.
  15. My point exactly - I didn't say "all U75 members", but you do recall the posts calling for the deaths of British servicemen?