Descrimination in Britain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tonto108, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. Definitely....
  2. how true, when will the white, middle class male be free from discrimination?
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    When he gets a sex change perhaps? 8O
  4. Interesting quote from the article:

  5. The thing is nothing will change, it will only get worse now. I personally feel that I have been treated unfairly when it comes to employment for being a white male on a number of occasions.
  6. Sush or the outrage bus will never get out of the MT.
  7. Was the outrage whitefleet pre-booked? Only I'm sure they told us we couldn't have it till the weekend.
  8. My God. You are no one if not a victim in todays society it appears.

    I have said it before and I'll say it again. If you haven't got a say then go out there and damned well get a say. Whats the deposit for an election these days £500?

    Yes there appears to be a massive swing towards the ethnic populations of Britain when it comes to Jobs, Housing and innumerable other issues. Bleating about it without doing anything will not help will it?

    I believe in a Britain that has multiple, EQUAL races and creeds. The current Gobmint has decided that Brahn Peepul will get a leg up. If you do not like that, then change the Government, or better still become part of it.

    Or shall we just sit back and bleat about it like the Mouthbreathers in the BNP?

    Question. If a law was passed tomorrow that ensured all White people had to earn over £80000 a year regardless of employment status, would we moan about it?
    Do not blame the Black/ Asian et al population for the laws that are passed in their favour. Take a look at the House - the vast majority of faces at PMQ's are white.

    Edited for Mong grummer
  9. Prehaps is time to reconsider the whole ethinc homeland for the white male....

    Oops already been tried.. getting coat as off for tea with Uncle Adolf
  10. maybe you're just unemployable?
  11. Good post, There are far too many Jocks taken over OUR chip shops.

  12. And who is blaming the black/asian population? Its the government and all the so called do gooders that the finger is getting pointed at.

    Im not a racist, far from it in fact, but I believe when it comes to jobs housing etc etc then it should be best person for the job and the most needy get the house. Simple eh? Im sure if that was the case then then the country would generally be in a much better state than it is now. Like people have said already, is it not just completely racist to join the Police and then in turn join the Black Police association? Or how about Police forces or Fire service "not currently recruiting" "however we welcome applications from ethnic minorities, women and members of the gay and lesbian community"?

    Very wrong both morally and professionally.

    I knew a black guy who I served with who was absolutely thick as pig sh*t and wasnt allowed to do anything that led to him having to write with a pen. A few years ago I see him on a poster whilst I was on the tube representing the Met Police in a recruiting campaign. Great eh? One of Police officers biggest gripes is that they are tied down with too much paperwork, so someone tell me how this guy gets by?
  13. To be honest white middle class males do an awful lot better than white working class males.

    As an example how many middle class white males are educated beyond GCSE, the proportion is quite high in comparison to working class males - which broadly has a direct corralation to earnings.

    Decent, honest and law abiding white working class males are the true victims of Labour PC-dom.

    The failure to engage this section of the population and let them benefit from the "supposed" increase in the standard of living and opportunity is a travesty which in itself leads to further disengagement of this group.

    The only difference is that if they don't like it they've got nowhere else to go and pick and choose like a fair proportion of minority groups.

    Rant over !
  14. that's because you're a shelf stacker in a corner shop.