Describe the last physical fight you had

I’ve just had a PTSD-type flashback. The repaired individual was promptly sent off on an exercise. A day or so later, the daylight streaming through my office door was suddenly blocked and a voice like a cement mixer growled “my Dennis has gone away and not left me any money”. Now, the form was that she should have been sent to the pay bob and got an advance on her husband’s pay. Nah. I was so terrified that I asked how much she wanted and paid it out of my wallet. Discretion and all that....

Ursus Major

Many, many years ago I was in a kebab house in Lower Marsh next to Waterloo Station when two bunches of Irish scrotes from either sides of the equation decided to reenact the battle of the Boyne in the said kebab emporium. I was getting a tad annoyed as this interrupted my supper, so when one of the scrotes decided to use the doner slicer as a weapon I hit him, very, very hard. I was, of course, very, very drunk. (But did get free kebabs for a couple of years)…
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I see the OP has made a short film about his thread title......

Why is that man walking down the road topless with his trousers low on his hips, exposing his underwear, whilst loudly offering himself to anyone? Is he a door to door rent boy or similar?

If the Police had witnessed him acting they way, could they have arrested or charged him, and with what?
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I see that @Big Jim has been very quiet since Friday night.

Has he gone off to scribble all over another thread?

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