Des Res for Dr_Evil

Wannabe Ernst Stavro Blofelds who are currently still living with their parents rather than in the vast underground complex manned by boilersuited lackeys which befits their plans for world domination are directed to eBay where a rather tasty former ICBM silo complex has come up for sale.

It doesn't say in the eBay listing whether or not it still has it's original tinfoil wall-covering.
Be advised that you may need to factor that into your sums for renovating the place.
I know the problems with assumption but surely the yanks wouldn't have made the fatal error of not lining the steelbars of the reinforced concrete with tin foil - school boy error if they did!

come on US DoD, 'fess up, is this facility NOT protected by tin foil? no wonder they are selling it off - watch out chaps it's a white elephant...
Seen this. In fact, came close to buying it (Mrs Evil even chose Cath Kidston curtains for the silo opening) until the survey threw up that fact now disclosed on the site you linked to: "Built to withstand a one-megaton nuclear blast within three thousand feet".

One megaton?

Some of my enemies could manage that themselves after a particularly hard night on the Guinness.

We offered it to Mini-Evil as a starter lair but she wasn't interested: too 50s retro, apparently.

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