Des Browne to inquests - tone down your criticism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. I cannot find the energy or the words to convey the contempt and anger for this bloated mendacious, bumbling and inept politician who is unfit to scrape the dirt from the soles of the boots of those who serve in his "ministry". The weasels will do anything to shirk responsibility and duty of care and even the loss of life will not shame them into action. These scumbags are not worth lifting a finger for and it baffles me how anybody can continue to serve this valueless government. :evil: I hope that one of these inquests sows the seeds of a civil action or a criminal prosecution targeting the faceless penny-pinchers and blame-dodging politicians. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Browne - you are pathetic scum!

  2. Mr Browne's legal representative said the phrase "serious failure" could be seen as deciding civil liability.

    I for one hope it does decide civil liability, then perhaps these fatherless politicos will realise just what it is they are fecking about with.
  3. The problem is, they are all trained in law and have practised at some stage. As far as these ambulance chasers are concerned its all about not being left holding the can, let someone else do it.....politicians...I've shite better.
  4. I assume the article is wrong with regards of Pte Smith being a recruit.
  5. "Tone down??" The Times has got it right in respect of what this is all about in practical terms

    Coroners face gagging over troop deaths

    Oxfordshire coroner, Andrew Walker, recorded that the tragic death of Pte Smith's was:

    "caused by a serious failure to recognise and take appropriate steps to address the difficulty that he had in adjusting to the climate".

    Our slimeball part time cowardly dog of a Defence Secretary reckons the coroner should not have used the words " a serious failure" as could imply a civil liability. So, what should he have used instead then??

    "a slight oversight"?

    "unfortunate events"?

    "operational difficulties"

    Or perhaps nothing at all. So that a Coroner loses the key ability to point the finger in the direction of those who might be at fault in clear terms .

    And if a Coroner cannot do that, WHO WILL???
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Face it , people - we're fucked.

    This spineless, worthless bunch of clowns in charge will resort to every measure they can to both line their own pockets, and get themselves off the hook, at the same time.

    The Government, along with christ knows how many MP's, are screwing the expenses system for all they can - millions+ when added up. Then tack on the ease that a civil servant can claim hundreds of thousands for a pathetic injury and still keep working.

    Meanwhile, the actual "working party" of the MoD - (the people actually deploying, for those of you suits who had fucking well forgotten) are left to muddle on with mediocre wages, constant cutbacks, the continual exposure of how inefficient and corrupt our "leaders" are, shite compensation for those paying tragic prices for their service... I could continue for a while.

    Brown and Browne - and Tony.. and a lot more of your corrupt and poisonous party - I wish with all my heart that I was not a part of your Armed Forces, because I utterly despise you, and everything you stand for, and every lie that passes your lips slashes a knife across the oath I swore to Her Majesty. I am, unfortunately, not in a position where I can terminate my service in rebellion - I shall therefore do my job and continue to serve to the best of my ability, but it is because I love my country, I respect my Queen, and I have to do it for my family.

    You lot can - *insert reply in Naafi Bar*
  7. I thought that a Coroners Court was above all other Courts including House of Lords.
    That a mear UK Minister should take to task a trained professional beggers belief.
  8. Cheer up Fugly, maybe this will help.
    Will keep you informed of developments.

    SW1 9SX

    Date: Thursday, February 21, 2008
    Our Ref: MPS-GH 1
    Your Ref:

    Dear XXXXXX

    Re: Offence of Gross Negligence Manslaughter – Mr G Hoon MP

    I wish to make a formal complaint that, Mr G Hoon, whilst a government minister – Secretary of State for Defence, between July 2002 and April 2003 committed the offence of Gross Negligence Manslaughter.

    I have enclosed the letter I have sent to the Attorney General which contains details of the offence and supports my official complaint.

    Your investigation will allow you full access to the coroners report and, undoubtedly, uncover substantially more evidence which would normally be inaccessible to me.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you will forward by email, or fax, the crime number you allocate to this investigation and I shall, obviously, fully cooperate with your officers throughout the proceedings.

    Yours sincerely,

  9. Well thats the last part of the covenant just dropping into the shredder then... Just goes to show what a bunch of c*nts the two Brown(e)s and the rest of this Goverment really are ....

    Might not get em too far though, if enough publicity is given to it, hopefully the 'rags' will kick off .... public opinion is finally begining to turn on them.

    Somehow I can't see Andrew Walker in Oxford or David Masters in Swindon 'toning it down' much, as Masters has already said in the Times

    Oh and well said Nige, keep us posted on here eh..... but dont hold your breadth for a reply from the plod...
  10. Good on ya.
  11. Is this what we will hear instead of the truth?

    Soldier 'X' passed away peacefully whilst being allowed to sunbathe in glorious weather during a 6 month cultural exchange organised and paid for by the glorious, righteous, infallible, compassionate, honest and loved members of the worlds greatest governments.
  12. My bold, I , for one, do not serve this Govt. When not busy serving themnselves, they serve the same person I do, HM the Queen. They just forget that it is so. I do not forget.
  13. I thought the whole point of a coroner, was to figure out why a death occured.

    If that was because of someones stupidity or negligence then so be it.

    Even if it wsa the governments.
  14. Do you really think that Joe public is going to stand back and let them treat you this way i don't think so .
    Joe public want to know the truth what as happened , not made up stories from them .
    I am a civilian and no i don't want the inquests toned down for the simple fact that we want to know the truth what is happening to our troops.

    our troops are doing there job and continuing to serve to the best of there ability, but it is because they love our country, they respect our Queen, and they have to do it for there family's like my self .

    So please give our troops the respect they deserve .
  15. Why does this not surprise one little bit , for once New Liarbour were not able to put the spin on things before they got out in the public domain.
    One coronor who needn't bother looking in the honours list when Liarbour are voted out