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I must have missed the interview Vicki Woods refers to in her article. Why am I not surprised our new Defence Secretary made this appalling gaffe in the first place?

Vicki Woods - Daily Telegraph 3 Jun 06
I caught that and flagged it up in another thread - unfortunately in the wrong place. Quite agree with la Wood's comments.
The BBC's John Simpson called them the "Queen's Light Infantry", so I guess he can no more claim to be a military analyst than he can a forensic expert.

Serious point though. Mr Journalist and Mr Politician: if you want to try to score some political or popularity points, it pays to actually get the details right at such a sombre moment. If you don't know what you're talking about, don't talk please.


Given that there are so few regiments now and if the current bunch of turds have thier way there may be even less, is it not asking too much for a Defence Secretary to know thier f**king names.

No doubt he has gone through life complaining when people forget the all important "e" from the end of his name.
After the deaths of those two lads from The Royal Anglians the BBC referred to 'The Royal Anglicans'.

I have also them introduce a Brigadier with the immortal line 'and we now go over to Bombardier.....'

Utter fcukwits.

This is a long standing pet hate of mine. These journalist and politician "experts" almost universally get these details wrong.

Everyone from a Sergeant to WO1 is referred to an "Sergeant", they get every unit and Regiment name wrong, and what the hell is an "Abrahams" tank?

I had the misfortune to meet Des Browne when he took the salute at Hillsborough on the death of the Queen Mum, (the then NI Secretary coudn't make it as he was on leave, remember the salutes took place on the Monday after the death, mmm just who was the NI Secretary, ah that would be John Reid), anyway Browne turned up looking like a bag of sh*t, suit like he had been pulled through a hedge backwards, and enough dandruff on his collar to provide enough snow for a remake of Scott of the Antarctic.

The man exuded all the smarm of TB, and has the sort of face you could gladly punch.
As always under Neu Arbeit we are exceedingly lucky in the choice of SoS Defence... The only reprieve we have had is that they never selected Blunkett or "Chubby" Prescott!

Even Tom King was better than this and he was drivel; fortunately he had AC to do the right thing. Des Browne has Adam Ingram, a man who he once worked for which probably sums up his star quality :roll:


Outstanding said:
Swiss Tony is simply unprepared and unaware. Get him into Basra Palace and watch his reaction!
Swiss Tony -LOL - I knew he reminded me of someone.
Here, we just don't do that flag-waving, patriotic, Support Our Troops thing. Most of us (apart from military families) barely think about what our poor bloody infantry is doing in Iraq. Except when they get killed. Or deployed to doughnut the Prime Minister in one of his military outings.
How true :roll:
Well done to Vicki Wood in authoring this piece.


...The three successive defence secretaries who have been hauled on to the airwaves to speak on behalf of the military have all been toe-curling in their own way (John Reid whittering about "birdsong" in Basra was a favourite in our house). But Des Browne was beyond parody. He'd been called in on the theme of John Prescott's sex life/housing difficulties/joblessness etc., but broke in to say, no wait, the first thing he had to do was "express my condolences to the family and friends of the two Queen's Royal Dragoons who were killed on Sunday night, blah blah".

Who briefs this idiot? There are no "Queen's Royal Dragoons". The families whose lives were broken last Sunday are mourning two soldiers from the Queen's Dragoon Guards. Mr Browne's inability to get the name of their regiment right, in the 10-second "condolence" soundbite on which he insisted, is pitiful.

His diary secretary should start putting bullet points on his hands with a big black Pentel. Left hand: TWO DEAD. Right hand: QUEEN'S DRAGOON GUARDS.

Yes, yes, I know it's a small point, and I know he's a newbie. Doesn't stop him being a thickie, though, does it?

Couldn't agree more - makes me wonder what these diary secretaries actually do.

Incidentally, if "Swiss Tony" is looking to have a staff team building day in the near future, I understand that a game of croquet is considered de rigour. There again...

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