Des Browne, Secretary of State for Defence, said

Should Des Brown spend more time over a fallen soldiers eulogy

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Des Browne, Secretary of State for Defence, said

Tragically, I find that almost every other day, a post or news item which tells of the death of another service man or woman and yet I never fail to be touched by the moving words of their Commanding Officers and service colleagues which now always accompany this dreadful news.

However, what is starting to grate, is the final sentence, “Des Brown said”. I have looked back on what seems to be an endless list of the fallen and re-examined those final words and believe it’s about time, that as Secretary of State for Defence he should personally research and script a fuller and heartfelt eulogy to fallen soldiers.

How difficult would this be for a minister? He could directly contact CO’s, OC’s friends and relatives and form a better and more genuine response on behalf of the country than the pitiful 25 word average. If you want the big job, than you have to take the fullest of responsibilities. These men and women died on his watch and their memory should be engraved on his and the governments conscience.
Perhaps it's because a dead soldier is on no further use to him and he's just going through the motions of what he perceives the public want to hear.
A silly gesture, perhaps, but when I read the MoD announcements I only read the words of those in the CoC and the oppos of those who've fallen - I deliberately don't read the empty words of whichever politician is currently the Secretary of State for Defence (part-time or otherwise) and never copy their comments onto ARRSE if I'm posting for the in memoriam thread.
[rant] As far as I'm concerned, politicians are not qualified to comment and I'd rather not hear ANY platitudes. They don't mean a word of any of it and it means nothing if (or rather when) they visit the wounded. So Des, shut the fcuk up and stay the fcuk away, 'cause if it weren't for cnuts like you putting us in impossible situations and embroiling us in unwinnable wars that a Day 1 Staff College bod could've figured out, then you wouldn't feel the need to wax lyrical about how valued are brave boys are... when they're clearly not. [/rant]
What I would like to hear from Des Browne would be a convincing statement that his Gum'int has higher regard for it's Forces than is currently perceived by the rank and file because it's seems to be at an all times low from where I'm sat.

Snide, conniving cnuts.
He is part-time employed, he doesn't have the time nor the inclination to research further, he will have 15 employees to do the research for him, and another 20 to write the statement, another 10 to edit the statements written then a panel of 5 to decide on the best one......thats where the defence budget is being spent, on Civil servants that do nothing!

Rant over.
Maybe he could just come on ARRSE and type "RIP" on a condolances thread, at least then MDN could have a go at someone who really deserved it.
At the start of Prime Minister's questions they read out the names of the dead if any fatalities have occured that week. I don't understand why. They have shown they don't care so why pretend otherwise?

Has any Minister been present when the bodies are repatriated?
Although that would be another empty publicity stunt.

Browne and Brown inspire zero confidence. I wouldn't trust them to zip up a doss bag.
You can't seriously be suggesting that everytime a soldier dies, the SoS for Defence (V) writes a eulogy ? I think you are starting to disappear up your own Arrse if you do.
How can this non-entity spend more time on euglogies, when his 'day-job' trying to ensure the Jocks don't vote SNP and get 'Bottler' Brown thrown out of government, obviously takes priority?

I notice Bliar (so-called peace envoy to the Middle East) is in New York at a charity do. Has the Middle East moved or is my geography flawed?

With an illegal invasion in the region on his c.v. making this twerp Bliar an 'envoy for peace' is like f*cking for virginity!

PS. Being an old fool, I voted the wrong way! Add one to TOP option and DEDUCT1 from BOTTOM option.

Ten years of these appalling louts are having an adverse effect on me! I just wish you were not locked up for assassination!!!

(Oh! Bliar, Cherry B, 'Bottler', Hain, Browne (wish I knew who he was), Irvine (remember that pompous arse?), 'Fatty' Falconer', Prescott (couldn't miss that fat twat, but two rounds maybe necessary), Hodge, Hewitt, Harman and assorted other harridans, Blears, Cooper and Balls (together, making a beast with two backs and thus, saving a rounds - oh! if only! Only 14 5.56mm rounds - a prudent financial move).

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