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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Wija, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. Quote
    "Moral is excellent in Afghanistan"

    Can any of the lad and lassies out there confirm or deny. I have heard allot of things from there and moral being excellent is not one of them.

    More smoke screen tomfoolerry from Liebour?
  2. I reckon morale is pretty good too.
  3. I apologise. That was a bit cheap.

    In answer to the question; after 20 years in, I can safely say that the conditions for many on Herrick are better than I have ever encountered on ops. The biggest differences appear to be those of policy and relating to certain 'freedoms' that have been normally enjoyed on ops within living memory. Indeed, the booze ban is a bit of a bind. However, I doubt that many would disagree; that particular restriction appears to be in place for good reason. Discuss.
  4. I think as much as times can get hard on tour the lads on the whole keep up the good spirits. It's sh1t but I think everyone in theatre are probably shocked that they are actually doing their jobs and not being camouflaged Policemen!
  5. [nodding enthusiastically]
  6. Cheap is as cheap does....

    As you say, conditions make it a little easier but what about the whole picture. As has been said you ain't the camouflage police so at least you are doing a soldiers job. But with mulitple tours and strained resources is it at any point obvious that moral is in general low ?
  7. Maybe it is on the grand scheme of things but i think the truly depressed are the lads/lasses who are deploying. I'm sure most deployed now are grinning at the thought that their tour is nearly done.

    Before i take any grief I know today may be a little different due to the blow The Vikings have taken but on the whole he's probably got a point.

    However ask the same question in 2 years time when the same lot are going for their third tour of Telic and it may be a different story. Swings in roundabouts but I know whilst i was deployed on the whole the combination of, good LSSA rates, the new tax thing and the ever growing welfare package kept my chin up.

    But again i'd like to stress the fact that its tragic what happened to the Vikings and what is still happening.
  8. There'll be two kinds of morale anyway--fighting morale and general morale. I doubt the first kind is any kind of concern. The second kind relates more to staying in/recruitment. The BBC bit on the news the other night didn't seem to understand the distinction.
  9. Maybe not recruitment. More retention.

    Its a very good point you raise. I don't think the scrapping is giving the lads too many morale issues. As they have been all but let off the lead. As for wanting to do 6 months in every 2 years on ops. Hmmmm!