Des Browne - knows what hes doing. doesnt he?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bazzinho, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. I am but a young and green siggie

    And I don't know everything about the Royal Corps. In fact, there is a lot I can learn. But in the full text of his speech, Des Browne has said he is sending the 12th Signal Regiment out to Afghanistania as part of the current increase of measures. Having nosied about a little, I can't find any mention of a 12th Signal Regiment.
    I imagine the infs are going to be a bit p1ssed when they realise that some of the men they were expecting support services from actually only exist in the Minister of Defences head? I shall therefore assume that the good man knows exactly who he means and that I through my lack of knowledge have simply mis-understood.
    Any of those more steeped in the law of Jimmy that can shed a light on this for me.
  2. Of course he knows what he's doing he's in charge, you don't think Our Dear Leader would give him such an important job if he didn't he'll have every confidence in his ability to master his brief do you?

    Des will be allocating 49 Para to the Stan next week, and about time too
  3. Maybe he meant 12 Mech Bde.
  4. Well he will be the 3rd Def Sec in as many years - but obviously Tony wanted him as first choice ( remember Buff Hoon was employed purely for comedy value ). :compress:
  5. Not to start a panic

    He actually meant 12 Signal Group !!!

    ok just kidding, and no 33, 34 and 35 are not mobilising .... or am I right
  6. 12 Signal Groups 'new' role is to provide a regiment ...... 2 + 2 = 5
  7. Don't understand
    Is this going to be 12 signals group please put together a regiment based on your regular contingent and your part timers?
    How will this all work? OOh ecky thump missus
  8. Perhaps he meant "12 Signallers"
  9. This is the man that got the regimental title wrong of soldiers killed in Basrah!!!!!!!! No he doe not know what is going on.
    Just like his muppet side kick, fat Brummy. "We value the massive commitment of the families and will listen to all issues raised" said sidekick at the AFF Conf. Spent 8 minutes chopsing then fecked off, finger on the pulse this lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. No it is 12 Sig Gp, as they have worked with ARRC before, logical approach. Composite regt to be formed supported by Sqn of CNR.

    just to keep the rumour flowing
  11. Was chatting in the bar about it last night.

    ORBAT is 2 x TN Sqns (each of 3 troops, although only taking 3 Relays and 2 centrals per troop) plus the CNR Sqn. They will be deployed to extend the network after the Taliban move back into the hills and so will be based around the main MSR's.

    They are also getting some IR's from 2 Sig Bde, they've already run out of supervisors and relay ops are nearly exhausted.
  12. You were chatting in the bar and found all that out?

    Who the hell were you drinking with? Des himself (oh no, hold on, he wouldn't know that much).

    So what is the basis of this information? Do you often drink with the joint chiefs? Are you in fact Jock Stirrup in pseudonym( cos to be fair if you were called jock stirrup you WOULD change your name)

    How reliable is it? and who the hell actually makes up 12 sigs group.

    Or am I once again the victim of a hoax which is obvious to everybody else on the site
  13. maybe he meant 49 Para
  14. well if 49 para are going surely it will be home in time for bonfire night to pick up tea and medals for all concerned?
  15. Don't be silly I'd habe mentioned SAS 664 (and thats a real ID in 49 SS)