Des Browne in the Commons - what did you think?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FaceLikeAPingPongBall, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. The boy Des, takes responsibility, is sorry and won't let it happen again... my, my, how big of him!
  2. Flanked on his right by the DPM who cannot keep his trousers on and on his left by John Reid who had to split his department in two as it was too much to handle for him. Both of which due to their own failures should have resigned their own offices of state some time ago.

    As for Des I thought he struggled he seems to be of the opinion he has the support of the rank and file of HM Armed Forces.

    I think we can draw our own conclusions as to the absence of the PM and Chancellor. Question is does he have their support?
  3. "I have expressed a degree of regret that equates with an apology. If he (Liam Fox) want's me to say sorry, then sorry".

    It took a request from a shadow minister to squeeze the 's' word out of Browne.

    Bring me a bowl that I may vomit.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I've just gone on to the Beeb 'Have your say' page and responded to the question 'What should Des Browne say to his fellow MPS?' with "He should say "I am guilty of ignorance, ignorance of my role in my department, ignorance of my department, ignorance of the armed forces, ignorance of the covenant between the British People and the Armed Forces, ignorance of the Armed Forces policy on speaking to the media and ignorance of international diplomacy and propaganda. As I understand it, at least in law, ignorance is no defense and as such I resign my position immediately as would humbly suggest the Mr Blair does the same".

    Unfortunately, he didn't say this, but it's no great surprise is it? I mean, if they all resigned every time the fcuked up, there'd be no government, no opposition and no war.
  5. I love the bit when Foxy quoted QRs saying it was Swiss's job to make the decsion, not just 'note' it!
  6. I thought he did relatively well under the circumstances. However, he did mention the 'media' handling of the events. The media handled it how they always would, what was open to debate was how you handled it Des.

    The results of Fulton's investigation should be interesting. Any one know him?

    Couldn't quite believe that the Navy has stopped boarding operations in the Arabian Gulf. On a UN mission but not fulfilling one of the key specified tasks; makes us sound Belgian.
  7. I do would to have a transcript when availible! His performance thus far is both evasive and lacking though
  8. Interesting that Dave - who was filmed yesterday saying he would have no hesitation to call for Browne's resignation if he turned out to be useless - was not in the House.

    Liam Fox stopped short of shouting resign too .... just.

    And where was Bliar?
  9. Bonking Bob Stewart on the Beeb 'What a mistake to be caught with your trousers down' and he wasn't talking about himself for a change!

    The Commons debate raises the question as to just who advised the Forst Sea Lord that it was permisible to allow the stories to be sold under QRs as QRs quite clearly state they can't be according to Liam Fow's quote from them.
  10. KoB i belive it has been said before that if Bliar dosnt turn up the dave boy shouldnt! however i stand to be corrected if i wrong
  11. Ah, H-J. You've been reading Erskine May.

    I do get the feeling that Fox, who has been everywhere since this all erupted, did well, but not well enough. The MoD ought to be leaking all sorts of good stuff in his direction after so many years of Neu Arbeit humiliation.

    The slippery barstewards have got away with it.
  12. You've half answered your own questions. :D

    If the PM decides to stay away, by tradition, the Leader of the Opposition stays out as well. I imagine Camerooon was hovering by the door wishing he was inside heckling.

    But yes, where was Blair? Easy answer really. It's a bad news day for Neu Arbeit so it's bad for his face to be in front of the cameras.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    God, it makes me sick! Bliar knows that 'dave' will raise a sh!tstorm if he's there, so in the interests of democracy, he plays this blinder of being absent himself. Net result, no effective heckling. Democracy : Nil, T0ssers : One.
  14. Havent got time to find the reference just now, but the sale of stories is permissable, with permission. Mr Fox's point was that in this case the4 decision could only be taken by the Sec of State. According to yesterday's Sunday Times a full legal brief was obtained.
  15. I thought that initially Browne did quite well, however once away from his prepared statement he was pants.
    Fox did rather well, enough to vindicate his initial decision to keep his powder dry.
    The Lib Dem (whoever he was) was absolute garbage.

    The only other comment I would make is that I'm pig sick of the Labour Party trotting out this rubbish that they have the support of the Armed Forces (rather than the Service chiefs) - this reminds of Hitler's dictum that if one tells a big enough lie enough times, people will start to believe it.
    Oh yeah - appointing a former bootie to run the inquiry. He may straight as a die but there should be some degree of separation from this matter.