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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Apologies for starting a new thread. There is of course an ongoing discussion about the Council Tax rebate announcement.

    Thing is, for obvious reasons I am tracking the various announcements speeches and press releases as they emerge during the day.

    Unless Des Browne visited some lucky Service establishment near Bournemouth at 0001 hrs this morning, the following publication on the web at that time seems to have been a trifle premature, but neverthless very helpful!

    Web source, which also covers the council tax rebate.

    Preview of conference speech to follow.
  2. Web source - Labour Party Conference pages
  3. Hackle,
    Are you anticipating the usual flood of invective that any announcement by the job-sharing SofS provokes? I suspect you will not be disappointed. As for me, the depths of my cynicism astound even one as jaundiced as I. Swiss Tony could turn up on my doorstep with a suitcase full of used notes as part payment for a life in the Service and I would still look for the turd in the suitcase......
  4. Who is keeping an eye on Scotland today??

    Edited to add, Alex Salmond the Scottish PM.
  5. I'll look after Scotland in between waiting for the Chancelor chappie replying to my email and a little bit of work thrown in
  6. Seems he was (is?) in Bovington.

    Web source
  7. Is the funding ring-fenced?
    Is it part of GB's recycling strategy (previously announced initiatives)?
  8. [PS see later update]
  9. I understand that Des Browne will be speaking at the Conference after 2.30, but it seems to be part of a '"Britain in the World" sequence also involving the Foreign Secretary and the International Development Secretary. Speech by David Milliband has just started.
  10. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Sneaked in and out without having a chat with DRAC. Must have gone for a meeting at the Bee Hive with the lads.
  11. Swiss Des was on tv lunchtime news touring some new accommodation ("do they have the internet?" he asked), and drinking tea in a cookhouse. I do hope it contained some extra protein, just to help his energy levels at Conference, you understand.

    So, with £80m going towards accommodation (and it still won't be enough), what's happening to the rest of the money from the sale of Defence land?
  12. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    If you x £10,000 (new allowance for setting up a web site) by the number of MP's you can see where some of it's being syphoned off to.
  13. Update. The £80m "has been found through the sale of Ministry of Defence (MoD) land and disused bases." Normally such capital income would go direct to the Treasury, with no benefit to MOD. So from an MOD perspective, it IS new money.


    I am just off the Glen Mansell show on BFBS Radio 2 where I was speaking about the partial Council Tax refund. (I also mentioned the accommodation programme but they didnt take me up on that). A Minister will be interviewed later. I suggested on air that the Minister be asked to confirm that the rebate will apply to everybody on ops, regardless of home station or what type of accommodation they are in.

  14. Hackle,

    Good news on the (one-off) change in Treasury rules.

    On the subject of council tax (or more accurately for those occupying SFA?SLA) the key question is what is funding this 'rebate'. If it ain't the councils, where is the money coming from?

  15. Or from the 15% raked back from all service charity events held on DE land over the past five years :?