Des Brown on radio 2

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by veritas, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. If any one wants to listen to what the cretin has to say , or ring up to ask him awkward questions, hes on the Jeremy vine show in the next hour.
  2. Des Brown is completely lost as the Defence secretary.He is like fart in a trance never smiles and is way out of his depth being in charge of the defence of this country.Go back to the treasury Dessie boy and bury yir heid in paperwork mate because that is all you are good at.
  3. He is going to be on Sky news soon as well..
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I saw a peice earlier on Sky that ' Des didn't make the desision to allow the stories to be sold it was the RN'
    Apparently he just signed it off
    So the spin machine is already deflecting the blame
    Pity they can't just throw some paperwork for a large pay rise and shed loads of kit for him ' just to sign off'
    Given that he believes everything his generals and admirals say how hard can it be?
  5. He does seem to be hating his Defence job, and these interviews will probably make him squirm. I hope they really turn up the heat on him, so that Whitehall gets its fair share of the blame for recent fiascos.
  6. Hate to think ARRSE'rs wouldn't want to email their questions directly:
  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Des Brown is exactly the SOS for Defence that Blair and Broon collectiveley want.

    He is a political creature who will put the furtherance of Des Brown above all else by toadying to both in incubnet leader and the heir apparent without either party having evidence that he favours the other.

    He is spineless, characterless, shallow, self serving and above all a career politician. Oh, by the way, he is a Scottish Solicitor which answers most doubts about whther he got to his position by merit or not.

    On the plus side he does have executive hair.
  8. The only credible thing he can say is that he is off to see Tony B Liar to tender his resignation.

    The man oozes as much inspiration and charisma as an empty crisp packet...

    In the old days when Defence Secretary's had some balls if they didn't agree with the PM they walked.

    I quote Michael Heseltine and Westland.
  9. On the Channel 4 lunch time news he takes full responsibility for having made a wrong decision. Says in retrospect he would not have made that decision.
    So how soon do we hear of his resignation, or being sacked.......?
    OK, I reckon I know the answer.
  10. BBC Link

    Above link on BBC site gives more detail.

    If this was an Army Officer making this admission you could expect them to be removed from post fairly sharpish. Des Brown should do the honest and decent thing.
  11. Retire to his office with his Webley Mk VI perhaps????
  12. Mrs (Liz?) Gentle was just on BBC News 24 and stated that he should step down.

    Her son died in Basra (I believe it was Basra) and she can stand with her head held high. She was to the point and factual - 2 things Mr Des Browne is not!

    Again spineless and weak government who tries to micro manage everything in this country to the point of ruin.

    May the fallen be remembered and may these fools be forgotten!
  13. 5 mins ago Browne Cancelled his interview - beyond comprehension!
  14. The SH1TEBAG has just pulled out of appearing on the radio - what a spinless bastard.
  15. What a spineless c**t....says it all really