Des Brown announces roulemont units and deployment dates

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Iolis, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. In a written statement to Parliament, The Secretary of State for Defence has identified each unit and the date of deployment on Herrick and Telic for October, November and December 2007.

    Hansard 19 July 2007 29WS

    (scroll down page to Herrick)

    turn over page for Telic at 32WS

    Call me old fashioned but is it really a good idea to inform the world anand his wife and our enemies of this sort of detail using Parliamentary privilege whereas if it was announced by Joe Soap to the Press, he would be in breach of section 1 Official Secrets Act 1911?
  2. I hear what you're saying Iolis but in these days of the Freedom of Information Act I don't think they have a choice. Even if they did, they're politicians, since when did they have any grip of Opsec or for that matter the real world!
  3. also nice of him to give the reservists advance warning of the brown envelope dropping into their laps. wonder how many will go and book a winter holiday to avoid the call up or i am being too cynical.
  4. I think it's very public spirited of us. MPs to informs the other side(s) at a strategic level and lots of earnest reporters to take care of the tactical.
    They just can't get the balance right.

    Always brings the ram-raiding phenomena to mind. Started by a bunch of scrotes in area A (Tyneside possibly) and through the wonder that is modern media detailed lessons were given out round the country for the less enterprising scrotes to copy!

  5. Why the big surprise--

    This info has been on the MOD web site since the 19th.
    Agree its wrong,but !
  6. Also note alot of use of the phrase 'Elements of' such and such unit, because that all thats left to send
  7. Seems to be incomplete as my mob aren't mentioned.

    They've already invited anyone eligable to volunteer. Safe to say until the other week they've not had to pick 'volunteers', don't know about now though.

    Agree with the comment on "Elements of" - stretched so thin you can see through when held up to the light!
  8. I thought ASD did Arms Plot and roulement. Oh! well - I am very old.
  9. This is NEW LABOUR's - NO SHAME guy, that helped promote the YMCA's song: 'ln the Navy'. By allowing the Navy to be paraded on TV; in hindsight (which is a very valuable thing), they should have joined the circus; Chipendale still has a few vacancies!

    However, on a serious note, this is yet another demonstration of NEW LABOUR's - NO SHAME, attempt at getting rid of this (once great country's) Armed Forces.

    This just goes to show how ignorant/arrogant/poorly-educated this Des guy (as well as the rest of'em), of NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME really are.

    l would like to say, if you pay peanuts - you end up employing monkies; but that would cause offense to the monkies - my apologises. However, when the majority of NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME are on a higher than the national minimum wage, salary, supposedly educated to a degree ( tree-surgery/herbal remedies or another dumb down subject!), you would EXPECT an ounce of common sense.............

    On a different note, but still concerning NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME, parliament will be closing soon for it's extremely LONG holidays. Lovely that isn't, they can have around ten (10) weeks off - while our Armed Forces are fighting the MUDDY mess that NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME put them in.

    Please, keep your eyes peeled as NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME really do have an excellent record of covering up bad news, by slippin' it through, casually....................