Des Brown Afgh speech live coverage starts 0915

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. BBC News 24 will be covering live the Defence Secretary's speech at RUSI in Whitehall, starting about 0915 this morning Tue 19 Sep 06.

    BBC Radio5Live may also be taking the speech.
  2. Any links to watch it on the net? Can't find anything on the BBC website
  3. Listening to him live now,

    Just made a swipe at those repeatedly criticising the deployment to afghanistan and the MOD's management of the conflict, saying that they risk endangering troops lives.

    A swipe aimed at Arrse and BAFF, or the media in general?
  4. Yup that phrase was either clumsily phrased, or very questionable.

    Otherwise a good speech so far, IMO.
  5. I particularly like the fact that we are sending 1 more Harrier. The quote reads:

    “Mr Browne yesterday agreed to send an extra RAF Harrier fighter-bomber to support soldiers on the ground.”

    What a nice gesture!
  6. The five live debate about his speech is quite interesting.

    Seems that most caller share the same views on the mismanagement by the MOD/govt.
  7. Just ended. Overall my reaction to the speech is rather favourable.

    I share Mr Browne's concern at some comments/media reports, but it is self-defeating to try to stifle free debate.

    I'd stress that any BAFF comments connected with operations in Afghanistan have been supportive of our service people and supportive of commanders on the ground, who should get whatever they need to do the job which our Government are asking them to do.

    This should not be confused with the more critical views we have, from time to time, expressed on other matters.

    It is not BAFF's remit to get involved in strategic or political issues, which are matters of personal opinion.
  8. Hackle,

    Quite wise to re-iterate that point. Baff is not there to condem strategic decisions.

    Despite that, labour seem quite eager to lump it all into the same boat, and make it look like it's critics are against the war and the troops fighting it.

    A dilluted version of the Neo-con Nationalism doctrine :wink:

    Keep up the good work.

    I was unable to continue listening for the whole of the speech, but i am lead to believe that the audience tore strips off Swiss Tony in the post speech Q+A session.
  9. A couple of quotes:

    "But Afghanistan is not just a noble cause. It is also strongly in our own national interest."

    "We are not ‘invading’: we are there at the invitation of a government which has legitimacy and support."

    I seem to have heard this before......

    The last time I was a lot younger and it was in Russian.

  10. I think the government is being disingenuous when it suggests criticism of it, undermines the troops on the ground. As neither Iraq nor Afghanistan could be described initially popular wars, the alienation of the population from them is not exactly a major issue. Any critics of these involvements that I have heard - and I am actively listening - seem to have avoided directly criticising troops and even commanders.

    Unfortunately the criticism comes home to roost at the most appropriate level, just as credit tends to hang around the right people, long after the promotion of the guilty and reward of the uninvolved! So to say that SoSD is not playing off a full deck, is holding out on kit and has tried to do a five guinea job with two pounds worth of capability is not exactly going to undermine Private Tommy Snooks.

    If anything people across the spectrum are (in some cases begrudgingly) openly admiring of the achievemnents of the boys and girls on the ground, given the much publicised and justifiable criticism of the equipment programme and operational plot.
  11. Nobody from Des Browne's MoD accepted the invitation to appear on C4 news last night to counter the arguments of his critics. To suggest that his critics are somehow endangering troops lives is frankly ridiculous. The MoD has stated clearly that no aircraft or crew would be sent into harms way without having defensive equipment to counter the percieved threat. Well Des, you cannot have it both ways. You can run but you cannot hide. Pity the PM did not care more for his soldiers lives before committing them to another open ended conflict.
  12. Anyone see the 'interviews' of the 3 Para guys on the Ten O'clock news last night? They looked shattered although they seemed cheerful in the circumstances! Maybe they just picked on the ones with that drawn and far away look about them but I think not.
  13. BBC Radio Scotland shortly.